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shaggy rug

Shaggy rugs – why is it worth having a rug with a long pile?

More and more often, we “dress” our floors with carpets. While a few years ago, raw floors were the main trend in interior design, today, we cannot imagine a floor without a carpet. It is he who very often makes the whole interior, adds charm and unique style to it, and at the same time soundproofs and warms the space. Shaggy rugs , known to all, are the hit of recent times . A fluffy carpet is a proven way for a beautiful and cosy interior. What is its strength? First of all, in the characteristic fleece, which is dense, long, soft and fluffy. You can say – perfect for our feet. The shaggy fleece can reach up to 7 cm, although, of course, there are also models with slightly shorter hair. Which one we choose depends mainly on our individual preferences.

Advantages of shaggy rugs

The shaggy rug, also known as a shaggy rug or a shaggy rug, is undoubtedly number one in interior design. Its greatest advantage is the long bristles that make walking barefoot on the carpet a pure pleasure. It’s like we’re walking on a soft cloud. It is very relaxing, for sure. The shaggy is also good for sitting and lying down. Hence they often host children in the rooms who love to play on the floor. Watching series, playing with blocks, reading – whatever you feel like doing on the floor, it’s best to have a high-pile rug to accompany you.

Warming of the interior

Great aesthetics is not the only advantage of the shaggy. The long-pile carpet is also very thick. This, in turn, makes it a great insulator. It perfectly separates us from the cold floor, thanks to which cold mornings and walking on a cold floor are no longer a trauma. A shaggy rug spread on panels, parquet or tiles prevents the rooms from cooling down and protects our feet from freezing.

Soundproofing the interior

It is also a great sound insulator. The truth is that no other rug will quiet a room like Shaggy. Why? Because only he has such a thick and long fleece that effectively dampens unwanted sounds. You can even be tempted to say that shaggy carpets are an ideal and dream solution for apartments in a block of flats where everyone wants to separate themselves from their neighbours with an additional layer of acoustic insulation.

Increasing the cosiness of the interior

Classic carpets can look too flat, which means they don’t add anything special to the interior. The shaggy carpet gives a three-dimensional impression. This fluffy rug can change the space by 180 degrees. It is often the dot on the “i” of the overall arrangement; it beautifully complements the space and brings life. The charming hair makes the interior not only more stylish but also more cosy and warm. If you love austere, minimalist, loft-like interiors, the shaggy rug will brilliantly emphasize their character and simultaneously break the excessive austerity.


The undisputed advantage of the hairy is also its softness. There is no rug as soft as this one. It is not surprising, then, that the shaggy rug is most often found where comfort and convenience are most desirable. We are talking about a bedroom, a child’s room, and often also a bathroom. It is in these interiors that we often go barefoot and want to feel comfortable. In the autumn and winter season, when mornings and evenings are getting colder, a fluffy carpet is our own substitute for warmth. It makes us feel great when we get out of bed in the morning. The same goes for the bath. When we get out of the bath or shower, we don’t want to step on cold tiles. Something else, putting your foot on a soft and warm rug. Shaggy is simply a relief for our feet.

Dirt resistance

It would seem that a shaggy carpet may be more susceptible to dirt than a regular short-pile carpet. In a way, this is true, but the high and dense pile makes the dirt less visible at first glance. If the juice is spilt on the carpet, it will certainly not look scary, and with the right approach, it will quickly regain its former charm. Of course, this does not mean that we can put the vacuum cleaner aside with impunity, enjoying the fact that there are no stains on our hair. On the contrary, a furry should be systematically vacuumed because it will only remain beautiful for a long time.


Do you think that a long pile is easy to damage and tread on, which will make the carpet flat and unattractive? Mistake. Even if the carpet gets trampled for a while, it is certain that the bristles will rise after each vacuuming. In addition, a solid, professional cleaning will also put our furry favourite back in shape. The high durability of shaggy rugs makes them pass the exam in rooms with high traffic.

Shaggy rugs with natural and man-made fibres

A shaggy rug can be made of both natural and synthetic materials. Models made of natural fibres guarantee excellent thermal insulation and thermal comfort. Carpets with an admixture of wool also have the ability to regulate air humidity. This means that when it’s too humid around, wool absorbs excess moisture and releases it to the environment when it gets too dry. However, it should be borne in mind that such rugs will always be more expensive than models made of plastic. In addition, they are not recommended for allergy sufferers because, due to the presence of wool, they can cause allergic reactions. What about synthetic fibre carpets? Of course, this does not mean that they are less comfortable or worse. On the contrary, they are very decent and really recommendable. First of all, hairy hats made of acrylic, polyester or polypropylene, or blends of these materials, are inexpensive and durable. For allergy sufferers, the best choice will be acrylic rugs, which are a non-allergenic material, and at the same time, are distinguished by high resistance to damage.

Shaggy rugs – in which rooms will they work?

Let’s start with the fact that the shaggy rug, despite its rather specific character, is very universal and versatile. This means that it will work in any interior, regardless of its purpose and style in which it was decorated. A fluffy carpet is a great proposition for the bedroom and living room rugs, as well as a child’s room, bathroom and hall. Indeed, beautiful and stylish hair will perfectly complement modern and even industrial interiors, which are very minimalist by design. In such interiors, shaggy is most often used as a contrast. When furniture and trinkets are minimalist and even raw in expression, the shaggy rug is the element of equipment that adds cosiness to the whole. But not only modern interiors can be decorated with fur. This type of rug will also work well in classic interiors decorated in glamour and Provence styles, where accessories that bring warmth and a pleasant atmosphere to the interior are welcome. The shaggy rug is also the best addition to the recently fashionable Scandinavian interiors.

Is it difficult to keep a shaggy rug clean?

Of course not! You just need to know how to care for and clean a long-pile rug. It’s really not as complicated as it might seem. If we care for the carpet systematically, it pays us back with a great look. What must we remember? First of all, about vacuuming, cleaning and beating the carpet.


The shaggy rug will enjoy an impeccable appearance if you regularly vacuum it. On a regular basis, that means at least twice a week. If there are pets in the apartment, the carpet should be vacuumed more often. We must remember that long bristles have the advantage that they quickly absorb all crumbs, dust, animal hair and other impurities that can be difficult to remove over time. Therefore, regular vacuuming is very important in this case. For vacuuming a shaggy rug, a smooth, plastic tip will be best, and even better – a turbo brush, which more effectively than a regular nozzle removes pollen and dust particles from the carpet fleece. We never use ends with a brush because they can damage the bristles; consequently, the carpet will lose all its charm.

Cleaning – Washing

Can a shaggy rug be washed? Yes, but it is not entirely comfortable and safe for the carpet at home. First of all, even a small-sized rug will not fit in the washing machine, and besides, drying such a rug without the risk of deforming the pile is not that easy. Not to mention that a soaked coat will take several days to dry, which is associated with the risk of mould growth. Therefore, you can give the carpet to a professional laundromat or buy a steam cleaner. It will help eliminate bacteria, mites and mould spores, i.e. microorganisms that can be dangerous to our health.

Carpet beating

Once in a while, it is also worth shaking out a long-pile carpet. This simple action will allow you to remove impurities from its bottom layer. You can use a regular whisk to beat the carpet, but be careful not to tug or hit the surface too hard, as this could damage it.

What to look for when choosing a shaggy rug?

The long-pile carpet is soft, and warm, perfectly insulating the interior acoustically. In addition, it adds a more cosy look to the interior and is extremely pleasant to use. The great advantage of this type of carpet is also a wide range of colours and patterns, thanks to which we can easily match the carpet to any room. When planning to buy a fuzzy, it is worth paying attention to the material from which it was made and the height of the fleece, which can vary between 2 cm and 7 cm. Remember that the longer the pile, the fluffier and softer the carpet will be, as well as comfortable to use. Another issue is the material. If you have an allergy sufferer at home, a rug made of plastic, e.g. acrylic, will be a good choice. Polyester rugs are also a good option. They are delightful to the touch and resistant to damage, and their appearance resembles products made of natural fibres. Equally good mechanical properties have carpets made of polypropylene. When it comes to natural fibres, wool is number one – soft and at the same time, durable and well soundproofing the room. Unfortunately, it can sensitize, so it is not a good choice for allergy sufferers. Everything else is a matter of taste and interior design, for which we are looking for a carpet.

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