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Bangladesh Online by BEXIMCO

Bangladesh Online: A Prominent Internet Service Provider in Dhaka City

From personal to professional, the internet is a vital service required by multiple users. In Dhaka City, users can rely on prominent ISPs such as Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO. The company is known for its innovative service mechanism.

Commonly identified as BOL by BEXIMCO, this provider has been operating in the capital city of Bangladesh for years. Its internet services are linked to features that users often require. Individuals, professionals, and businesses can depend on this ISP to securely and conveniently access network solutions in this city. It has enough Points of Presence to ensure major coverage. Moreover, multiple Network Operation Centers have been set up to ensure the best standards of quality as well as experience.

Network Coverage of BOL in Dhaka

BOL by BEXIMCO provides wide network coverage in the capital of Bangladesh. In not one but numerous areas, it has established its Point of Presence (PoP). These areas include but are not limited to Konabari, Board Bazar, Uttara, Nikunjo, Baridhara, Mirpur, Tejgaon, and Malibagh.

To supervise, manage, and maintain IT operations in Dhaka City, BOL has 3 Network Operation Centers. 2 of these NOCs are located at Road 7 Dhanmondi and Road 35 Gulshan. The third one is based in New Eskaton.

The Bangladeshi internet service provider Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO ensures access to network facilities majorly in this city. With the presence of its NOCs, it looks after the functioning of these services. Hence, it not only focuses on network coverage but also on reliability in terms of usage.

Completing Network Requirements of Numerous People

Dhaka is a populous city in Bangladesh. Also known as a megacity, it houses millions of people. For their network requirements, they can count on providers like Bangladesh Online by BEXIMCO. Given that this provider has good coverage in this city, it has the potential to complete the internet requirements of millions of people.

Internet services are reliably provided to users in the capital city through transmission networks. These are facilitated by NTTN or Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network and Telco. In most parts of Dhaka, these networks enable the provider to give the required services.

Main Features of Bangladesh Onlineā€™s Internet Services in Dhaka

The prominent internet service provider, BOL by BEXIMCO offers services associated with the most required features. The speed of connection is the most notable. This provider gives the options of different plans. Regardless of the plan selected, internet speed remains high. Thus, browsing and streaming experiences are positive.

1. Availability of Different Packages

BOL understands that its clients can demand different requirements with respect to internet solutions. Hence, it offers packages that can suffice for their needs. Varying speeds, bandwidth, pricing, and other features are associated with these packages. It is notable that based on needs, clients will have to pay only for the required features.

2. Service Reliability

The Network Operation Centers of this ISP in Dhaka, Bangladesh, properly function to maintain the reliability of services. Even then, to combat any issue relating to internet solutions, BOL by BEXIMCO employs a team of experts. 24/7 assistance is possible due to these experts.

Via the email address and different contact numbers of Bangladesh Online by BEXIMCO, users can convey their concerns. As and when they come across a problem, they can use these mediums to connect with the experts for assistance.

Additional Services Offered by BOL in Dhaka

For businesses, enterprises, and firms, the internet is among the required services. To ensure their functioning, they can avail of other useful services too. In Dhaka, BOL is a prominent provider of enterprise services such as IPLC and network security.

This ISP offers Cloud solutions as well. These are apt for businesses, particularly when they require IaaS and storage solutions. Even for IT security solutions, BOL is a reliable company. Hence, this provider looks after the maximum requirements of its clients. They can count on it to manage a majority of the technical aspects of their businesses or enterprises.

Drawing to a Conclusion Bangladesh Online by BEXIMCO, a company that is known for its innovative service mechanism, is one of the prominent internet service providers. It offers connectivity in Dhaka as well. This company is reliable due to the consistent functioning of its internet solutions. Depending on the resources it has access to, it provides fast services to users. More features are linked with these services for the benefit of users.

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