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top IT companies in chennai

Top 10 Best Product-Based IT Companies In Chennai[2023]

In recent years, Chennai has emerged as a centre for the information technology (IT) industry, with various IT firms establishing themselves in the city. Product-based IT firms, which produce and sell software products or services to businesses and consumers, are among these firms.

These businesses are vital to the growth of Chennai’s IT industry and economy. This article will showcase the top ten product-based IT firms in Chennai.

Product-based IT companies create, market, and sell software products and services to businesses and consumers. Unlike service-based IT firms, which provide customised solutions based on unique client requirements, product-based IT firms build software products that may be marketed to a wider audience.

Microsoft, Google, and Adobe are examples of such companies, which provide a variety of software products utilised by millions of people globally.

Due to a variety of circumstances, Chennai has developed as an IT sector centre in India. For starters, Chennai offers a big pool of qualified and bright workers, notably in engineering and technology, capable of generating high-quality software products.

Furthermore, the city offers a favourable economic environment, with supportive government regulations, easy access to capital, and a sturdy infrastructure, making it an appealing destination for IT firms.

Furthermore, Chennai has a long history of software development, having developed the city’s first software technology park in the late 1980s. Since then, Chennai has been home to a number of IT behemoths, including TCS.

Because of the existence of major IT organisations and a strong startup ecosystem in Chennai, the IT industry has developed a rich ecosystem with numerous chances for collaboration, information sharing, and innovation. This has encouraged the expansion of Chennai’s IT industry and established the city’s status as a centre for product-based IT companies in India.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria were used to pick the top ten product-based IT companies in Chennai:

Product and service quality: Companies that provide high-quality products and services that fulfil customers’ needs are more likely to be included on the list.

Market share: Companies with a sizable market share in their respective industries are more likely to make the list.

Companies that exhibit a high level of innovation in their products and services are more likely to make the list.

Financial performance: Companies with great financial performance and stability are more likely to make the list.

The top 10 Product-based IT Companies in Chennai

1. Zoho Corporation

Zoho is a software firm based in Chennai that provides a suite of business software tools such as CRM, accounting, and human resources software. It is popular among small and medium-sized organisations due to its low-cost and user-friendly software.

2. Freshworks

Freshworks is a software business that specialises in client interaction software. Freshdesk, a help desk software, Freshservice, an IT service management software, and Freshsales, a CRM software are among its products.

3. Chargebee

Chargebee is a platform for subscription billing and revenue management that assists businesses in managing their subscription-based services. It is utilised by companies of various sizes, from startups to major corporations.

4. Kissflow

Kissflow is a no-code workflow automation platform that assists organisations with process automation. It provides solutions for HR, finance, procurement, and other areas.


CONTUS TECH is a major SaaS and SaaP product-based IT firm in Chennai that provides unique and tech-savvy solutions through its two flagship products (MirrorFly and VPlayed) in the sectors of unified communications and OTT video streaming, respectively.

6. Cloudcherry

Cloudcherry is a customer satisfaction management company that assists organisations in measuring and improving customer happiness. Its solutions include a consumer feedback platform and artificial intelligence-powered analytics.

7. Ramco Systems, Inc.

Ramco Systems is a business software company that offers solutions for industries such as aviation, shipping, and manufacturing. ERP, HCM, and aircraft maintenance software are among its offerings.

8. SaaSFocus

SaaSFocus is a cloud solutions provider that specialises in software development, integration, and migration. It is a Salesforce and other cloud-based platform specialist.

9. Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den is an artificial intelligence firm that offers computer vision and deep learning technologies., an AI-based ecommerce platform, and AlterEgo, a virtual assistant, are among its products.


DCKAP is a digital commerce firm that specialises in e-commerce development, integration, and migration. It is a Magento, Shopify, and other e-commerce platform specialist.


Finally, Chennai is home to some of the greatest product-based IT firms in Tamil Nadu. These firms provide high-quality software products and services, foster innovation, and significantly contribute to the growth of Chennai’s IT industry. The ten organisations listed above represent the best of Chennai’s product-based IT companies and should be considered by corporations and consumers looking for high-quality software solutions.

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