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How to Brighten the Dark Spaces in Your Home

A well-lit home uplifts your mood and keeps your space fresh, airy, and clean. If you are struggling with the dark spaces in your home, then here is a guide that will help you out.

If you are looking for a reliable Mountain View remodel company, then you should contact Done Right Home Remodeling. Now, let us understand how you can brighten the dark spaces of your home.

Install artificial lights

If you want to brighten the dark spaces of your home, then you can invest in some good artificial lighting options available in the market.

Add ceiling lights to small spaces, invest in floor lamps to the dark corners of your home, and add adequate lights to the darker rooms so that it creates a bright look over there.

Add a glass-paneled door to brighten up your home

If you are remodeling your home recently, then you should think about maximizing natural light in your home.

If you do not have adequate space in your home, then you can use smart ideas like glass paneled doors to allow natural light to enter your home. 


You should add skylights to improve ventilation and allow natural light into the dark spaces of your home; especially in the kitchen, and bathroom.

You can also go with the doors with frosted glass panes to facilitate more natural light into your home. This will also make your small space look bigger and brighter. 

Add large windows

Add large windows to allow the natural light into your house.

Add windows to multiple walls in your home or go with a floor-to-ceiling window wall to give your dark spaces a brighter look.  

This can also become the focal point of your home and make your space look beautiful. Natural light will keep your home fresh, clean, and airy all the time. 

It will also not allow the germs to build up in your indoor area because of excess moisture build-up.

Go for neutral shade paint

A neutral palette helps to add elegance to your space. It can also reflect sunlight to make your dark space look brighter.

You can choose neutral wall paint like beige or white paired with crisp black or white trims to give it a fresh new look.

Sliding Patio Doors for a glazed wall

Patio doors provide a large area of glazing that is perfect to increase natural light. It helps to increase brightness in a dark corner or living room in your home.  

If you want to maximize natural light in your home, then you should go with minimalistic patio doors that are wide enough to allow natural light into the dark areas of your home. 

You can consult with your general contractor to choose the best patio design from a wide range of design options available in the market. 

Light-colored, polished stone floor to reflect light

Usually, dark colors absorb light to make the space look darker. So, you can go with the light-colored polished stone floor so that it can reflect natural light falling on it to make the room brighter. 

Glass In An Entryway

You can go with a glazed entryway by adding a glass wall in place of regular brick walls.

Brick walls give a narrow and dark look to an entryway. Hence, you can go with the glazed entryway option to maximize natural light in your home. 

Turn the porch into a sunroom. 

If there is a space available adjacent to your front porch area then you can utilize that space to build an additional seating area or a sunroom. Break one side of the wall to extend the porch area to build an additional seating area using glass walls. 

This will add a premium look to your home and maximize natural light in your home. You can also add windows to facilitate ventilation and allow natural sunlight into your home. 


If you are still confused about how to make your dark spaces look bright, then you can contact our home remodeling experts to get a clear idea about this. They will suggest ideas that are suitable for your home.

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