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How to ship fragile items

How to Ship Fragile Items

Currently, online businesses are one of the hottest professions. Therefore, there are quite a few businesses that apply economical shipping for their company’s orders. Every customer wants to open their brand-new package and find an item that is in perfect condition, with no dents, scratches, or missing parts. Therefore, for fragile things, you need to pay attention to how to pack them carefully to ensure safety. So, how can you ship fragile items to customers safely?

Transportation of High-Value and Fragile Things

You should always look for a reputable and professional fast delivery unit to trust to entrust your goods to them. This is even more important for high-value products. You can view feedback, and evaluate customers who have used the service. Find out about the shipping company through their website, or social media. Transporting breakable items both locally and internationally may become easier and less stressful as a result of this. When deciding how to package and ship your sensitive things, you must consider several aspects.

Avoiding Refunds

If there is an accident in the process of shipping it will devalue the goods before reaching the customer. Your business will have to bear the cost of refunds and returns because of the dissatisfaction of the consumers. Therefore, to ensure the highest profit you need to be careful right from the stage of packing these items.

Losing Customers

Damaging fragile items during delivery can lead to a complete loss of loyal customers for your business. Not all customers are willing to wait for a product refund when they receive a faulty item. In such cases, most consumers will not use your service again. This can not only reduce the company’s revenue but also hurt the long-term operation of the business. It is crucial to handle such situations promptly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction.

Bad Reviews

If you do not carefully choose an economical and quality shipping method for fragile items your company could face a series of negative reviews. Thereby to avoid tarnishing the business’s reputation you should always be careful. In the world of online business, customer comments and reviews hold significant importance. Consumers consider word-of-mouth advertising as an effective way to boost a company’s sales.

Items classified as fragile

During transportation, fragile goods easily suffer damage, breakage, or degradation, especially in conditions where road traffic infrastructure is still limited. These fragile items include:

  • Consumer goods in bottles: alcohol, industrial chemicals, drinks in glass bottles, etc.
  • Electronic goods: desktop computers, radio speakers, televisions with glass screens, etc.
  • Electronic components: electronic circuits, chips, temperature sensors, etc.
  • Glass and crockery utensils: decorative ceramics, cups, bottles, dishes, plates, crockery, and souvenirs.
  • Industrial glass products: medical lights, bright lights, decorative lights.

How to Pack Fragile Items for Shipping?

How to pack fragile items

Sensitivity is the nature of fragile things making it a time-consuming task to pack them. As a company, it’s your responsibility to ensure that goods stay intact during transportation. Fragile items come with a high level of risk, so to avoid returns and refunds shop owners need to deliver them carefully. To be careful you can use bubble wraps to conceal the item and then put the goods into the the rigid boxes or custom black mailer boxes. You can also use cotton and foam to fill the gaps inside the boxes. Consider the dimensions, shape, design, padding, and labeling of the boxes you use to package items.

Choose the Right Size of Box

The first thing you need to do is choose a container that is the right size for the item to be transported. This will help the item not move too much during the time of shipping. At the same time, a suitable packaging box also helps to reduce the impact of the outside environment on the package.

Wrap the Item with Bubble Wrap

Shock-absorbing bubble wraps protect the goods against the effects of external forces. In particular, for fragile things, the air bubble sheet is very necessary in the process of packing for home delivery. Because when moving far away goods will easily collide with each other. Therefore, fragile goods need to be carefully wrapped with bubble wrap before shipping.

Wrap an Extra Layer of Foam Outside

After wrapping fragile goods with a shock-absorbing wrap, you can add a layer of foam for extra protection. This layer has a high strength value and is very difficult to tear. From there, the rate of damaged or broken goods will be minimized.

Put the Fragile Label on the Package

The final step in keeping fragile things safe is to put a “Fragile” label on the package. This step will help the carrier distinguish it from other packages. From there, your goods will be prioritized to be transported more carefully.

Rigid Boxes for Fragile Products Packaging

With custom packaging, you will never be concerned about the dilemma of how to ship glass. Custom Rigid Boxes are built using strong materials that can endure pressure and rough conditions. These boxes help to increase the visibility of your business and products while also making them more visually appealing. The importance of rigid packaging cannot be emphasized since it is the most aesthetically attractive form of packaging with the optimum blend of color and design. In contrast to flexographic or direct printing, rigid boxes allow for practically infinite print customization.


Take your enthusiasm and share it with your customers. Their trust in your company will grow as a result of the good care you give to their belongings, which will result in repeat business. Not everything fragile is made of easily broken materials. If the items you are sending are delicate, your priority should be to select suitable shipping materials and processes. Fragile items must be handled and sent with extreme caution. You can always pick tailored handling options to boost your company even further.

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