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How to use Instagram DMs for business: 4 ways to increase revenue

For most people, using Instagram for private conversations is nothing new. If you’re a bit like me, you may slip into someone’s Instagram DMs regularly. Whether it’s to respond to your best friend’s story or to send a message to your favorite brand.

But knowing how to use Instagram DMs for business is a different story. You don’t just chat; you have a goal: sell. And for this, more is needed to send prospects DMs randomly, hoping they are interested in your product.

What you need is a plan.

Glad you came across this blog. Here, I will share four ways to boost your income via Instagram DM.

Let’s begin.

1. Build a base of committed followers

Instagram is not a cold approach platform. You must create an attractive Instagram page inviting you to follow it. Only then will you be able to engage in dialogue with your followers and sell more efficiently.

If you decide to send a DM to a cold prospect, he will take a look at your thread before replying. Besides the fact that your news feed should feature engaging posts, you also need a good number of followers. Prospects need social proof to be convinced. Whatever the quality of your speech, if you have only 98 followers, you may not get an answer at all click here.

Here are the things to do and not to do to gain engaged followers :

✅ Posts repeatedly on the same day at the same time.

✅ Like and comment on relevant posts shared by your target audience.

✅ Respond to comments and DMs, even if it does not bring you anything.

❌ Do not follow and do not unfollow people. Instagram is trying to ban this practice.

❌ Does not buy followers. They will not engage with you or your product in the long run.

2. Starts to run Instagram DM ads.

According to a study by Facebook, 65% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company to which they can send a message. With DM Instagram ads, you allow them to slip into your DM immediately.

You can post DM Instagram ads in the Instagram feed or the Stories. They allow prospects to start conversing with your company by clicking on your ad. From there, you can connect, engage, and – with some luck – turn them into loyal customers.

Running these ads is the right solution to boost your sales by increasing your customer base.

3. Collect data on customers

Imagine that you have been in contact with a prospect through Facebook. You had a promising conversation, but the customer has decided to wait to buy your product. You agreed to get back in touch within two months.

But now your colleague starts a conversation with the same prospect via WhatsApp. Not knowing what has been said, he tries again to conclude the case.

Customers tend to contact you through different channels, whether through an Instagram DM, email, or a quick call. With a platform, you will retain track of these moments of contact and miss a meaningful context. You’ll tell your client X when your colleague might have implied otherwise.

With an omnichannel communication platform like Trengo, you can manage conversations across all channels in one view. In addition to this, you can create a customer profile that includes data such as phone number, company size, and country. It also shows the context of all previous contact moments.

With this tool, you can increase your sales at every customer journey stage. Let the conversation start via Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

4. Focus on the essentials

Time is precious to me. That’s why you want to devote your time to only some prospects. Focus on real business.

This does not mean you do not have to follow up on every DM on Instagram. This means that you can use tools to make the conversation in your place.

Quick Answers: You can use quick answers to answer frequently asked questions with a single click. Learn how to set up quick responses on Instagram here.

Automatic answers: You can always guarantee customers a quick response by using automatic replies. Learn how to set up an automated response by DM Instagram here.

Learn how to create a chatbot for Instagram DM here.

Allow your subscribers to identify with the published content

To implement this tip, you must know your ideal client well (see tip number)! The goal for your subscribers is to identify with your publication and say to themselves: “Ahhhhh, but that’s so me!”. ” It has to resonate with what they experience daily.

To succeed in your post, take a situation where your ideal clients will recognize themselves. You can play the humor card and create a meme to illustrate your point. In the caption, ask your subscribers if they identify themselves! If you know your target well and have used a good example, you will have plenty of reactions to your post from followers who will tell you they have already experienced what you are describing. Some will even tag their friends under your seat or share it as a story!

Create Value posts for a snowball effect  

Full-value content is content that perfectly addresses your target’s problem and provides precise advice that is not seen anywhere else.

By creating this type of content, you will trigger the principle of reciprocity. Your subscribers will be delighted to discover your posts and learn new things they want to “give you back.” They will like your posts, share them, comment… Hey, presto, your engagement rate will skyrocket! This is called the snowball effect.

Put calls to action that make you want to interact

You’ve already heard that you should put rings to act in your Instagram posts. Yes, yes and yes!

Here are some calls to action that generate feedback:

The closed question: “did you know this feature / this tool / this advice? »

Identification: “do you recognize yourself? »

The tag: “Tag someone who will recognize themselves in this post!”

Sharing good tips: “any other information to share with us? »

The debate: “we open the debate: what do you think about it? »

The team: “savory breakfast team” or “sweet breakfast” team? »

Experience: “And you, have you ever worked with this type of client? »

The emoji: “comment a flame if you want the same results. »

You should favor calls to action that will not require too much effort from the people responding to them—for example, a closed question or an emoji. But occasionally, you can also ask open questions and invite your subscribers to open up more. Instagram appreciates long comments!

Show your personality in your content

Today, “academic” content is no longer enough to find a place on social networks. You have to succeed in treating subjects in a new way to interest users! You must revisit existing concepts and bring your expertise to stand out.

Showing your personality is essential to connecting with your subscribers! Dare to share your story through storytelling, your convictions, and your values. Make what vibrates inside you vibrate on the outside.

The idea is to keep your personal life private and show what you eat for lunch. If you use your account professionally, your storytelling must serve your social media strategy.

Remove Followers for Better Engagement on Instagram

Yes, yes, you read that right! Sorting through your subscribers allows you to increase your engagement rate by refining your target. A counterintuitive tip, but so effective!

When you have a lot of ghost followers, your account has little engagement. The visibility of your publications among people who are interested in what you do is, therefore, reduced. Ouch! This is why it is essential to clean up your subscribers regularly.

How do you recognize a ghost subscriber? He usually has no profile picture, posts, or followers.

Be careful not to delete too many subscribers at once to avoid having Instagram block you from your actions. I advise you to take a maximum of 30 per day.

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