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How to create an Instagram visual identity? [step by step + examples]

Instagram visual identity?Social networks are indispensable tools in the digital marketing strategy of any business, and a strong presence can be fundamental to the image of a company. Therefore, it is necessary to plan an Instagram visual identity.

And to stand out among so many profiles, it is essential to develop a solid and consistent visual identity that helps convey the brand’s values, personality and proposal.

Therefore, this post will explore some tips and steps to create an Instagram visual identity. We will cover the choice of colours and typography to define the style of the images, in addition to detailed examples of successful identities.

If you want to strengthen your brand’s presence on Instagram, keep reading!

What is Instagram’s visual identity?

The Instagram visual identity is the set of graphic and visual elements that represent a brand’s image on this social network.

It is essential because it helps to convey the personality and values of the brand, in addition to creating a consistent and recognizable image for followers.

Among the elements that make up a visual identity on Instagram, we can highlight the following:

  • Logo;
  • Colour palette;
  • Typography;
  • Icons and buttons;
  • Post templates;
  • Images and photographs.

Using these elements, the brand can create a cohesive and consistent visual identity on Instagram, which will help convey the message that connects it organically with its followers.

When a brand has a solid and cohesive visual identity, it is easier to create emotional connections with followers and increase engagement and loyalty.

How to create a visual identity for Instagram?

When creating a visual identity for Instagram, it is essential to remember that it must be consistent and lasting. Sudden changes can confuse followers and harm the brand image.

And to create this visual presence, it is essential to consider some key elements. Therefore, here are some tips for creating an attractive visual identity for Instagram:

Define the personality and values of the brand

Before you start creating the visual identity, it is essential to be clear about the personality and values of the brand. This will help define the choices of colours, typography and style of images that best represent your brand.

Choose a colour palette

The choice of the colour palette is critical to creating a solid and consistent Instagram visual identity.

Therefore, choose colours that represent the soul of the brand and that can be used to guide the creation of the publication grid.Click Here for more information about Instagram .

Choose one or two fonts for the typography

Choose one or two readable fonts and help build a graphic identification for your business.

It is worth mentioning that many brands can be identified by the public only by the typographic model they use. For this, it is necessary to use these sources in all publications to create consistency in the visual identity.

Add graphic elements

Add graphic elements, such as icons, patterns or illustrations, that reinforce the identity you want to implement.

These essential elements can be used differently to create an organic connection between your profile posts.

Organize the publications in the profile

Consider organizing the publications in the profile to create an attractive visual narrative. This may include the use of themes or the organization of publications by colours.

To facilitate this task, it is important to organize in advance the planning of a grid of monthly publications and preview how these publications will be arranged in your brand profile.

3 Examples of Instagram visual identity to get inspired

After checking out some tips on creating an Instagram visual identity, it’s time to see how these elements work in practice.

For this, check out below how some famous brands successfully use the visual identity strategy for Instagram:


The digital bank Nubank is a successful example of how visual identity impacts a brand’s positioning strategy.

Popularly identified by the purple colour, the bank’s Instagram visual identity follows a line of communication to the letter, which includes:

  • Images that dialogue with a diverse audience;
  • Modern typography;
  • Technological references.


The sportswear giant founded in Oregon uses its Instagram page to portray the brand’s values, which can be easily identified in the bio.

The plurality of people portrayed as playing sports and using Nike equipment helps to reinforce the narrative of being a brand for everyone.

Burger King UK

    The intelligent and fun language of Burger King UK can be easily identified in its advertising pieces and also guide the brand’s visual identity.

    With a modern language and connection with the users of social networks, the brand bets on a mix of images that highlight its products and the interaction of the public with the snacks.

    Now that you know the importance of creating an Instagram visual identity and how it can impact the results of your business, how about ensuring autonomy of creation and building your brand identity yourself?

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    Here are some steps to help you develop an effective Instagram visual identity:

    1. Understand your brand: Before diving into creating your visual identity, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand’s personality, values, and target audience. Consider what makes your brand unique and how you want to be perceived by your followers.
    2. Choose a color palette: Select a set of colors that represent your brand and resonate with your target audience. Stick to a consistent color palette throughout your Instagram content to create a unified and recognizable look. Use tools like Adobe Color or Coolors to help you create and manage your color scheme.
    3. Define your brand fonts: Choose a few fonts that align with your brand’s personality and use them consistently in your posts, stories, and highlights. A combination of a primary font for headings and a secondary font for body text is a common approach. Make sure the selected fonts are easy to read on mobile devices.
    4. Create a brand logo and profile picture: Design a logo that encapsulates your brand’s essence and use it as your profile picture on Instagram. It should be simple, memorable, and fit within the circular profile picture frame. Consistency is key, as your logo will become synonymous with your brand.
    5. Consistent photo editing: Editing plays a significant role in establishing a consistent visual style. Whether you’re using filters, presets, or manual adjustments, apply the same editing settings to your photos to maintain a uniform aesthetic. There are numerous photo editing apps available to help you achieve the desired look.
    6. Develop a content strategy: Plan your content ahead of time to ensure that it aligns with your brand’s visual identity. Decide on the types of content you’ll share, such as photos, videos, quotes, infographics, etc. A content calendar can help you stay organized and maintain consistency in posting.
    7. Embrace a consistent theme: Consider adopting a theme that reflects your brand’s personality. It could be minimalistic, vintage, vibrant, or any other style that resonates with your audience. Consistently using a theme will make your feed visually appealing and cohesive.
    8. Use branded templates: Create templates for your Instagram Stories and posts that feature your brand colors, fonts, and logo. This not only saves time when creating content but also reinforces your visual identity.
    9. Be authentic and relatable: While adhering to a visual identity is essential, don’t forget to be authentic and relatable in your content. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, user-generated content, and stories that connect with your audience on a personal level.
    10. Monitor and analyze: Keep an eye on how your audience responds to your visual identity. Pay attention to which posts receive the most engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly. Tools like Instagram Insights can provide valuable data on the performance of your content.

    Remember, building a strong visual identity on Instagram takes time and consistent effort. Stay true to your brand, experiment with different approaches, and listen to your audience to refine your visual identity over time.

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