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Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding: All You Need to Know

There is no denying that social media is one of the most accessible and effective ways to advertise your business. Moreover, it is a space that offers various businesses a chance to grow. Whether you offer a service or sell a customized product, social media provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to be seen, heard, and get recognition.

80% of consumers are more likely to buy from the brands they follow on social channels.

Branded social presence helps businesses reach new target audiences and build emotional connections with customers. These connections help make your brand appear more human, relatable, and authentic. In simple words, social media helps strengthen your brand identity & build brand recognition. 

Social media platforms are a one-stop solution for spreading the word about your services and products. In addition, you can reach a broader audience by creating a powerful brand presence on social media.

So, What’s Social Media Branding Anyway?

Branding is much more than a logo or website, although they play an essential role in brand building. It is how the users perceive your business and your products and services. The purpose is to build a user perception of your brand. The perception should exist in the audience’s minds whether you promote your brand or not.

Social media branding involves how you take your brand from website to social media. The transformation covers the content creation for all your social media networks, including graphics, profile photos, headers, and ads. But most importantly, it includes content for the brand’s voice, such as captions, descriptions, and interaction with the audience or followers.  

The visual element includes fonts, colors, & images to portray your brand the way you want. Successful social branding continues forever. It’s a commitment you should be ready for. 

Why Is Social Media Branding Important?

Every conversation and engagement you have with users on social media adds to your social media branding. Your logo is identifiable, but your brand extends beyond it, making it even more effective as a messaging tool.

Here are a few reasons social media branding is crucial for your business:

Brand Awareness

Social media is the best way to tell people about your brand. Build a brand strategy that spans all marketing funnel levels – awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase. 

Similarly, the tone and messaging of your social media posts are where you will grab the audience’s attention.

Social media branding helps grow brand awareness by looking for a new audience to reach and more people to connect & interact with.

Visual Recognition and Psychological Association

The first layer of social media branding is visual recognition and psychological association. It refers to how a user would feel about your brand the moment they see your page. 

After hearing about your brand, people will search for you on social media. It is how they start getting to know about your business and what it’s all about. Therefore, every platform on which you are active must reflect your brand’s identity. 

The transformation from website to social media networks must be seamlessly smooth.

Social Proof

Another significant reason to indulge in social media branding is social proof. Though it’s not directly correlated with how to do social media branding, it is about how you see others do it. Therefore, it is more of a reaction to your efforts than the result.

What To Focus On While Building Your Brand On Social Media?

Social media is not about making your brand go viral overnight. Besides, it’s also not realistic. Instead, social media branding is a gradual process where you interact with your audience continuously. It includes responding to their comments, discovering new ways to engage with them, and much more. 

Furthermore, finding the right social media platforms for your brand is crucial. You need to find out where your audience is more active and focus on those networks.

Thus, before creating your social media branding strategy, pin down the following points:

Imagery and Designs

Brand imagery is vital as it decides how your audience will interact with your content. But, for effective brand building on social media, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of visuals go with your brand identity. Consider brand-specific colors, fonts, and themes before posting your content.


The ultimate way to win the hearts of your audiences is by sharing content regularly, be it sweet, humorous, professional, or sentimental. There are several types of content you can share on social media, but ensure they resonate with your audience. 


Whatever you do for social branding, your audience should be the focus. So you have to understand what they like and dislike, who they are, and how they would perceive your brand message.

You need to know your audience’s demographic, background, age, hobbies, and interests. These factors will help you decide how to communicate with them better and figure out on which platform you can find them. 

Strategies for Nailing Your Social Media Branding

Let’s uncover strategies to ensure substantial social media branding: 

Be Consistent Across All Channels 

Consistency is the key to strong social media branding. Every element of your strategy needs to be the same across all platforms, like your website, emails, social media pages, and more. It is done to make your brand identity believable and powerful. 

Maintaining uniformity and cohesiveness on all your social media channels gives your brand a single personality. Maintaining a similar message, tone, hues, and other elements offers excellent synergy. Your users can identify your brand uniquely. You build brand recognition and make your brand memorable & trustworthy among your audience.

Use Your Brand Name & Logo 

Your brand logo is the identity of your company. It imprints a long-lasting image on the minds of your audience. Besides, a visible and clear logo helps users easily distinguish between the posts of your business and your competitors. 

Moreover, your customers also expect you to have a unique and impressive brand logo that’s easily identifiable. Additionally, it has the following benefits:

  • Grabs the attention of the audience 
  • Helps users recognize your brand
  • Builds your brand image
  • Helps in promoting your products and services
  • Ensures consistency

Set Brand Voice & Tone

Having a message and sticking to that particular idea across all customer touchpoints, from your landing pages to your ads, and marketing emails to social media platforms is essential for brand awareness. It creates coherence of your brand among users. You must have a single brand voice but multiple tones depending on the situation and occasion.

Your voice matters a lot for a recognizable brand, but if not done correctly, it can backfire, resulting in customers unfollowing your social media. So, it is more about building the brand’s impression to convey vibes and messages to your users. 

Each time you post, write, launch, or respond to a user on social media, you operate your brand voice. It can be funny, casual, friendly, or authoritative. Besides, be authentic and creative while creating posts to have an impact on your audiences. It is best to post content that users can easily understand and connect with. Show your audience how they can benefit by associating with your brand instead of the competitors.

Showcase Compelling Brand Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Your brand’s story on social media needs to be more than just the ‘About Us section of your website page. Spin a yarn about your account and make it more convincing. It should evoke the emotions of your audience. You can prove on your social media that you are living by your story, that you are really walking the walk, not just talking the talk. 

Try to involve your followers in your brand story to get more engagement. Publishing user-generated content is an effective way to show that customers are important to your brand. 

Connect & Interact With Audience

The fundamental purpose of any social media strategy is to connect and engage.

It is essential to communicate with the audience in real-time. When a user likes, comments, shares, or retweets on social media, you must reply as early as possible. Even a simple thank you can create a positive impact on your viewers. Besides, it will also nurture and entice them towards your brand. It will make them feel that you care for them and they are not just a resource for making money.

Connecting with your leads continuously through social media networks increases the chances of gaining their loyalty.

If they have any questions about your service or product, ensure to resolve them. Moreover, be prepared to get irrelevant or bad reviews about your business.

Share Content Regularly

Regular posts on your social media should be the core of your branding strategy. However, refrain from oversharing. Instead, focus on quality and consistency. 

If you are not regular in postings, your audience will forget about you, or even worse, start unfollowing you. But, on the other hand, if you share content too often, they will get irritated. And you don’t want any of that.

Moreover, you should also know the right time to post. 

It’s Your Turn Now – Social Media Branding Made Easy With Practina

Maintaining the social media presence of your brand, creating new content and visuals, and posting regularly at the right time can be exhausting. So, sign-up with Practina to make your life easier.

Practina is a popular social media marketing tool that automatically creates content, including descriptions and visuals, schedules them, and posts them. It plans your social media content calendar in advance. Practina also includes posts on holidays and special days. 

You can also monitor your social media branding performance with Practina. It will help you understand which type of content brings more engagement and revenue.

Use social media as an effective branding tool and keep your customers interested & engaged.

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