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Taste the Sweetness, Enjoy the Discounts: Crumbl Cookies Coupons!

Introduction to Crumbl Cookies

In recent years, the popular network of gourmet cookie stores known as Crumbl Cookies has been quickly growing across the country. Two cousins who wanted to spread their love of delectable, freshly made cookies throughout the globe launched the business in Logan, Utah, in 2017.

From traditional flavors like chocolate chip and sugar cookies to more unusual ones like raspberry cheesecake and Nutella sea salt, Crumbl Cookies provides a variety of flavors. The cookies have a crisp surface and a soft, chewy inside. They are freshly made every day and served warm. The company not only sells cookies but also milk and ice cream to go with your sweets.

Crumbl Cookies is renowned for its unique tastes, entertaining packaging, and cutting-edge retail designs. The restaurant adds fresh flavors on its menu every week, which keeps people returning to see what’s new. Fans of Crumbl Cookies have developed a following on social media, where they post pictures and reviews of their preferred flavors.

Overall, Crumbl Cookies provides cookie lovers of all ages with a delightful and satisfying experience.

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Review of Crumbl Cookies: Is the Hype Worth It?

Crumbl Cookies are widely available. The current craze for these enormous cookies packed and topped with gourmet flavors prompted me to decide it was time to pen my own Crumbl Cookies Review. Will the cookies live up to the hype? Do you know what Crumbl Cookies are? With the intention of bringing people together over what Crumbl refers to as “the world’s best box of cookies,” a modest cookie shop that began in Logan, Utah, has grown to include the entire country. 

There are more and more Crumbl sites coming up every week; there are currently over 300 of them operating across the USA. Use the store locator to discover if there is a store nearby if you haven’t tasted these cookies yet. 

I decided it was about time to write a thorough review of these wildly popular cookies because I’ve jumped on the Crumbl bandwagon and even begun preparing some of my own copycat recipes.

Do Crumbl Cookies Pay Off?

Do these cookies live up to the hype, first and foremost? They certainly have a seductive appearance, but each cookie does cost about $4. Is it price the money?

 Let’s begin with the fundamentals. 

Each custom-flavored cookie has a diameter of 4.25 to 4.5 inches and weighs roughly 5.5 ounces. 

These enormous gourmet cookies are available in distinctive flavors that are exclusive to them. flavors include Sour Patch Kids, Cinnamon Toast, Cotton Candy, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin, and even Cotton Candy. 

Fresh Tastes Every Week

The fact that the bakery only offers four or five flavors every week is one of the “hype” components of the cookies. You never know what will be offered next or if your favorite flavor will be accessible once more. 

As a result, you must act quickly to purchase any completely alluring flavors you come across because they will disappear once the stores close on Saturday.

If there’s a flavor you missed, Crumbl Cookies does repeat flavors, so there’s still hope! But, you can never predict when a favorite may return. This contributes to the current popularity of copycat recipes. It’s nice to be able to bake your favorite cookies at home anytime a hankering arises once you’ve found your go-to recipe. 

Every week, new varieties are added to the Crumbl menu, but their Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is always available (their frosted & chilled Pink Sugar Cookie also used to be a weekly offering, but has moved to the flavor rotation as of April 2022).

Cookies We’ve Examined

For this review, my husband and I purchased a box of four cookies, and we carefully considered every detail while taking our time to sit down and discuss it. After all, cookies are a serious business. We also tasted the leftovers the following day (and the following day) to see how the cookies fared after being preserved.

Review of Crumbl Cookies in general

Here is a full review of each cookie, but here is a fast summary for you.

What I adore: The gourmet size (talk about show-stopping cookies! ), the distinctive flavors, and the excitement of trying out new flavors every week. How adorable are the pink boxes, too? 

What I don’t like: A few of the cookies tasted mostly like sugar. I enjoy dessert, but I prefer it to be somewhat sweet rather than too sugary. 

Review of Milk Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip, mmm. This is one of the weekly cookies Crumbl serves. It’s a classic and undoubtedly very well-liked. Instead of the usual semi-sweet chips, the big milk chocolate chips used in Crumbl Cookies’ version of a chocolate chip cookie are different. 

Although Guittard chocolate chips are thought to be what Crumbl uses, the huge Guittard chips are a great option if you want to recreate the cookies. 

This cookie is special due to its size, enormous milk chocolate chips, and gooey interior. Although the cookie was delicious, I thought the dominant flavor was just “sweet.” Even while I enjoyed the gooey middle, the cookie was a little too sweet, especially when milk chocolate chips were used in place of semi-sweet ones. 3/5 stars. 

Review of a Triple Chocolate Cookie

It was good to eat the triple chocolate cookie. It’s essentially a brownie cookie with chocolate chips inside. Chocolatey, chewy, and soft. 5/5 stars.

Review of Key Lime Pie Crumbl Cookies

This cookie’s Key Lime Pie filling was excellent, but the cookie itself wasn’t really intriguing. The heavier key lime notes overwhelmed the flavor, and the texture was a little too mushy and cake-like. 

Crumbl Cookies can be stored for the following day (refrigerate anything with perishable toppings), but it is better to consume this specific cookie the same day. After a few days in the fridge, our sample cookie was still tasty, but the moisture from the food continued to make it softer filling.

Comparing this cookie’s Instagram photos to those from Crumbl or other cookie enthusiasts, the presentation was a little lacking. Simply put, it appeared to be a cookie with a scoop of filling on top. 3/5 stars.

Review of Snickers Peanut Butter Cookies

This recipe was a hit with me because I adore a good peanut butter cookie! Nonetheless, the sugar content was high once more. I would have been content with just the cookie and some Snickers pieces. The frosting significantly increased the sweetness but not the flavor. But that cookie is so adorable! 4/5 stars. 

Definitely give Crumbl Cookies a try if you haven’t already! I advise getting a Milk Chocolate Chip and including a few of the specials for the week. These cookies with chocolate bases look to be really tasty. Just know that anything that seems especially sweet certainly is!

What About Cookies Sent by Mail?

I recently delivered myself a variety of Crumbl Cookies, and I put up thorough shipping instructions as well as my opinions of the cookies.

The cookies were a bit of a letdown, but I go into much more depth in that piece, so I’ll just state that here. Several of the flavors weren’t as wonderful as the freshly made cookies because they were doughy or dry in certain cases. 

I tried a few different flavors, including Funfetti, Traditional Peanut Butter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cookies & Cream.

What flavours of Crumbl Cookies are available?

The varieties of Crumbl Cookies exceed one hundred! It has actually surpassed 200. There are a lot of cookies to try. The flavors are original and delicious. 

There is a lot to keep up with because they continually release new ones. Every flavor of Crumble is on my extensive collection of flavors (including a printable list if you want). 

Cookies come in a variety of flavors, including Birthday Cake, Buckeye Brownie, Snickerdoodle Cupcake, Key Lime Pie, Buttermilk Pancake, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Strawberry Pop Tart, Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Cobbler, S’mores, Fruit Pizza, German Chocolate Cake, and a TON more. Who could possibly refuse? 

Answers to your Crumbl queries!

Got urgent Crumbl inquiries? I have solutions!

How much are Crumbl cookies in a 4-pack?

Although prices vary by region, a 4-pack of Crumbl biscuits costs $13.18 in my area and a single cookie costs $3.98.Extra-hungry? Get a 12-pack party box of Crumbl Cookies for $34.08 or a 6-pack for $19.58.

Even a handy little cookie cutter that divides each cookie into four identical pieces is available for purchase. Portion control and all that.

What Kind of Crumbl Cookies Are Always Available?

Every week, Crumbl’s original Milk Chocolate Chip is offered. Formerly available every week, the Chilled Pink Sugar Cookie was moved to the rotating menu in April 2022. 

When Are New Flavors Announced?

Check out the new flavors as soon as possible each week by following Crumbl on social media. On Sunday night, they will be announced, and on Monday, they will be available for immediate pickup.Because Crumbl Cookies locations are all closed on Sundays, make sure to stock up on your favorite treats before the weekly flavor rotation.

What if there isn’t a store close by?

To locate a Crumbl location in your area, use their store locator (they are constantly adding new stores, so you never know what you’ll find!). But you can also order cookies to be delivered right to your door! What an amazing thing! Download their app to learn more about shipping and catering possibilities, and check out what’s offered by your neighborhood shop.

Are There Gluten-Free Choices at Crumbl?

Although Crumbl does not often offer gluten-free cookies (they use an open floor kitchen, so cross-contamination is a possibility), they occasionally do. To observe the new flavors that are launched each week, it is essential to follow along on social media. Do keep in mind that anyone who cannot consume even traces of flour or gluten won’t be able to consume these cookies (due to the open floor kitchen).

How long do cookies stay fresh?

You failed to finish your cookie. Any cookie containing a perishable topping, such as the Key Lime Pie cookie, should be kept in the refrigerator.The cookie’s filling may start to make the cookie itself a little soft or soggy, but it’s still tasty—just not quite as nice as fresh.

Different tastes can be kept for a few days in an airtight container. The first and second days are when I think the cookies are at their best, but I’ll never say no to a cookie that is still around! Using my techniques, you can easily freeze your cookies (most flavors).

What do you think about cookies with crumbs?

Have you yet to try Crumbl Cookies? Please let me know what you think! Leave a comment with your favorite flavor for me to try!

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