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Top 5 Rom Com Movies on Netflix

There’s always room in the world for a good romantic comedy. And thanks to Netflix’s ever-growing library, there’s no shortage of options. From classic rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail to newer ones like The Kissing Booth, check out some of the best rom-coms on Netflix.

1. A Perfect Pairing

While Netflix may be home to black-and-white foreign films and middling ’80s throwbacks about preteens fighting monsters, the streaming giant has long been a hidden gem for fans of romantic comedies. From rom-coms that bend genre stereotypes to ones that feature prominent women of colour, there’s something for everyone on this list.

This rom-com follows the formula to a T, including a delightfully awkward meet-cute and at least one swoon-worthy grand gesture. But Victoria Justice and Adam Demos’ kitschy banter helps to elevate the story above the average.

Many LGBTQ rom-coms focus on protagonists that work to overcome societal prejudices, but this movie is all about the joy of discovering sexuality for the first time. Plus, it features Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, who’re as charming as ever together.

2. Mr. Right

While some rom-coms are overly serious, others mash up genre tropes to bring about a fresh twist on an old favorite. This m4ufree film is one of the latter, as it mashes cotton candy romance with action movie tropes in this hilarious flick. Anna Kendrick is an absolute delight as Martha, a character who seems characteristically unlucky in love until she discovers that her new beau (Sam Rockwell) is actually a rogue hitman.

While many LGBTQ rom-coms focus on protagonists that must overcome societal prejudices, this film puts a joyful spin on the genre with its contemporary high school story of a popular boy wrestling with his sexuality. It also features strong chemistry between the leads, making it a keeper.

3. The Last Time I Saw Paris

With To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and a few others, Netflix has helped breathe new life into the romantic comedy genre. The streaming giant also boasts an impressive library of classic rom-coms from era-defining filmmakers, like Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers.

A throwback to Old Hollywood, this swoony movie about a widower and reporter falling for each other through anonymous messages is a comfort film. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan make the chemistry work, thanks to a script rich in kitschy banter.

4. The Big Sick

Romantic comedies are experiencing a resurgence at the hands of Netflix. The streaming giant has given the genre new life by releasing original content that takes fresh approaches to old themes.

Adapted from Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon’s real-life romance, The Big Sick sidesteps the danger of smug treacle that often plagues this genre. The movie keeps a lot of balls in the air—generational conflict, cultural tension, hospital drama, screwball banter—and rarely lets one drop.

The stars have incredible chemistry, and this movie is as funny as it is sweet. The story is also a welcome addition to the canon of tried-and-true rom-coms that can make you feel good about love again.

5. The Night Owls

If you’re looking for a sweet rom-com, this one is the one. With plenty of iconic New York scenes (including Katz’s Deli, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s perfect chemistry, this movie is an all-time classic.

Adapted from the Sarah Dessen novel, this teen rom-com puts sisterhood and self-love at the forefront. Featuring a cast of recognizable faces, Sofia Alvarez’s directorial debut delivers all the classic rom-com tropes you love.

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