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Top 5 Storage Companies in Stoke on Trent

Top 5 Storage Companies in Stoke on Trent

Finding the best storage units in Stoke on Trent can be challenging, as it involves considering various crucial factors. Customer feedback, complaints about professionalism, awards received, and the range of services provided are among the key aspects to weigh. In order to make your move less stressful, we have conducted extensive research for you. This comprehensive list of the top five self-storage units in Stoke on Trent has been meticulously studied, guaranteeing that you can rely on these companies for all your storage and removal needs.
Finding a storage solution that meets your requirements is essential to ensure the safety and accessibility of your belongings. Customer feedback is a valuable resource that sheds light on the experiences of previous clients, helping you make an informed decision. Moreover, the professionalism displayed by a storage company indicates the quality of service you can expect.
In addition to customer feedback and professionalism, accolades and awards received by storage businesses can offer insights into their dedication to excellence. Companies recognized for their outstanding services and contributions within the industry are more likely to provide reliable and trustworthy storage solutions.
A crucial aspect to consider is the range of services storage companies provide. Whether you need personal storage for household items, business storage for office equipment, or student storage during the academic year, the versatility of a storage company’s offerings can make a significant difference in meeting your specific needs.
We aim to streamline your search for reliable storage solutions by presenting the top five self-storage firms in Stoke on Trent. These companies have been carefully evaluated, ensuring they stand out regarding customer satisfaction, professionalism, awards, and service variety. With this information, you can confidently choose a storage partner to make your moving and storage experience stress-free and efficient.

1.      Super Storage Ltd

Super Storage provides storage units stoke on Trent for businesses and individuals with space issues in their offices or at home. Moving and packing products are also available at Super Storage at reasonable prices. They also provide a broad range of moving and packing products at affordable prices.

Their facility offers a range of sizes, so you can rent only the space you need. The storage facility is situated on the main highway and is easy to access. They provide all clients with a no-cost removal van with an elevator for the tail. This is just one part of the excellent service they offer to all their clients. Their facility is equipped with modern technology to ensure it is secure throughout the day. They provide 24-hour security as well as an access control system that is electronic. This is one example of the technologies they employ.


Residential, Commercial, Self, Personal, Business, Student Storage & Packing Equipment

2.      U Store U Lock

U Store U Lock is a self-storage firm that is specialized in offering the most efficient unit and storage space within Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent. Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent regions. The company is proud of its clean self-storage facilities and reasonable prices, making extra storage available. U Store U Lock was created in 2019, and the venture into self-storage is not new.

However, it has established itself as a leading player within this Birmingham region. With storage choices for business, personal and even vehicles, U Store U Lock has the basic requirements for customers with flexible plans and the ability to scale upon the basis of demand. U Store U Lock features many self-storage facilities, which can be scaled down or up according to the customer’s needs. They also have large outside containers that are easy to access by car.

Services And Products Available In Stoke-On-Trent

  • The storage of personal belongings
  • Storage for businesses
  • A storage space for students
  • Vehicle storage
  • Service of forklifts
  • Containers for storage
  • Storage in the garage
  • Storage for Amazon and eBay sellers.
  • The storage of tools
  • Relocation storage
  • The storage of documents

3.      Ready Steady Store

Ready Steady Store is an expert in storage units stoke on Trent and is committed to providing the highest customer service. They offer flexible self-storage solutions. In the Tunstall Self-Storage facility, customers have access to your storage space 24 hours seven days a week and all year round. With 24/7 CCTV and your key, you can rest knowing that your belongings are safe.

The free pick-up service lets you be taken from your house and delivered to the nearest Enterprise Office. They also offer self-storage units in Chell, Pack More, Talke, Kidsgrove, and other nearby areas. The company provides access to 24 hours wheelchair access, boxes and packing supplies, Keypad entry to the building, and free WiFi.


Household, Personal, Furniture Storage, Decluttering, Home Office, Moving House, Redecorating, Students, Travelling, Commercial, Equipment, Online Business, Stock Storage Solutions for Business Surplus, Storing Documents, Boxes, Packing & Storage Accessories

4.      Armadillo Self Storage Stoke

With units across the UK, Armadillo Self Storage is one of the few self storage businesses in Stoke-on-Trent. Big Yellow owns Armadillo Self Storage. Most other companies unmatch the firm’s presence, resulting in a highly accessible self-storage facility for customers. The company operates 24 self-storage facilities across the nation.

Armadillo Self Storage caters to people from all walks of life and with various storage needs. If storage space is required for personal or commercial use, the business aims to meet the needs of every individual. The company also rents storage space to students and big businesses. Furniture, documents, etc.

Services and products offered in Stoke-on-Trent

  • For businesses, multi-site storage is available.
  • A leaseable office space is available
  • Various sizes and shapes of storage space
  • On-site storage and packing tools are available
  • The storage of personal belongings
  • The storage of wine
  • The storage needs of students
  • Storage and decluttering
  • Garages with lock-ups

5.      Bigfoot Storage

Bigfoot Storage is based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent and has been a prominent brand in the world of self-storage for a long time. All customers are welcome, whether they need commercial or personal storage.

They also have office space for businesses who want to set up shop temporarily at their facilities and provide some of the lowest rates available in town. The self-storage units they provide are large with a variety of options and are tidy. Bigfoot Storage also ensures that the storage spaces in their units are secured, allowing customers to buy their goods without worrying about them.

Services And Products Available in Stoke-On-Trent

  • Storage for businesses
  • Storage of personal belongings
  • Moving to a new house
  • Workspaces
  • A policy of insurance
  • Materials used in packaging
  • Acceptance of delivery


Choosing the right storage unit in Stoke on Trent is a daunting task, considering the numerous factors. Here are the top five self-storage firms in the area, which we carefully researched.
Customer feedback serves as a valuable resource, giving insight into the experiences of previous clients and aiding you in making an informed decision. A storage company’s professionalism indicates its quality of service.
Accolades and awards received by storage businesses demonstrate their commitment to excellence and reliability. Companies recognized for their outstanding services within the industry are more likely to provide trustworthy storage solutions.
A critical factor to consider is the range of services storage companies offer. You can meet your specific needs with their versatility, catering to personal, business, and student storage needs.
With meticulous evaluation, the top five self-storage firms in Stoke-on-Trent have been selected based on customer satisfaction, professionalism, awards, and service variety.

Each company has unique strengths, whether it’s Super Storage excellent customer service, U Store U Lock’s efficient storage solutions, Ready Steady Store’s 24/7 accessibility, Armadillo Self Storage’s widespread reach, or Bigfoot Storage’s affordable rates.
Choosing any one of these reputable self-storage companies will ensure that your belongings are secure, accessible, and well taken care of.

We hope that this comprehensive list assists you in finding a reliable storage partner, making your storage and removal experience stress-free and efficient. Don’t let the burden of moving to overwhelm you – trust these top self-storage firms in Stoke-on-Trent to handle all your storage needs with utmost professionalism and care.

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