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Navigating Plumbing Emergencies: A Comprehensive Guide

Plumbing is one of the most crucial parts of any domestic or commercial building structure as it delivers pure and clean water to us and takes used water away. Sometimes you may have to deal with some plumbing problems such as pipe bursts, blockages, etc. If these damages or defects are left untreated, they can damage the overall structure of your property.

Therefore, in such cases, you need to take immediate action to mitigate the risk of damages. Opting for emergency plumbing in London is your best option to deal with plumbing issues. The experts will understand the issue and fix it in a go. However, before you call the emergency plumbing services, you must know when to hire these services. Today, we will uncover the major plumbing issue that leads you to hire emergency plumbing services. Let’s explore these conditions without further ado.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

The following are the most common plumbing emergencies that must be fixed immediately to avoid any damage to the property and health risks.

Pipe Bursts

A pipe burst can be a major plumbing issue. It can be caused by several reasons such as freezing temperatures as the pipes may shrink when the temperature gets low and may burst. Apart from that, when water flows through the pipes at a pressure higher than the capacity of pipes, they may burst.

This bursting leads to the leakage of water in your property. Sometimes, the pipe bursts from an underground place. As a result, the accumulation of water starts there. This can be dangerous as the water can weaken your building’s structure and damage it. Water damage to walls and foundations will be more obvious in this case. Calling experts in this condition is the only solution you have. They will locate the burst pipe and repair or replace it.

Sewer Backflow

It is one of the most risky plumbing issues as it poses several health risks. It often happens due to the blockage of pipes from a point. As a result, the dirty, sewerage water cannot flow through them to reach the main sewerage system. As a result, it may start back flowing and start accumulating in your sinks or bathrooms. This dirty water causes a foul smell on your property and leads to several bacterial infections.

Apart from that mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other pests may start invading your home. Calling experts can fix this problem. They will locate the blockage point and fix it to maintain the forward flow of the sewerage water. Moreover, they may repair the main sewerage pipe or those connected to sinks and bathrooms to avoid future backflows.

No Water Supply

Imagine you opened the tab and water is not coming because there’s no water supply. This can be a major issue especially when you are getting late from the office or have to go somewhere else. Without water, you cannot perform your daily activities. The first thing you need to do is to ask your neighbors if their water is coming to ensure the problem is in your plumbing system.

After that, you are supposed to call experts. They will check the reasons why there’s no water supply at your place. They may check the main water supply and locate any issues with it. Then they will check if all the valves are open and functional. Any damaged part or valve will be repaired to restore the water supply.

emergency plumbing

Clogged or Blocked Pipes

When you clean your home, you may allow countless things to flow with water into the pipes. Similarly, a lot of fats and oils also accumulate in the pipes when you do the dishes. This accommodation can block or clog the pipes causing problems for you. The water flow will be interrupted and you may experience a bad smell in your home. The smell will keep on spreading if the problem is not fixed immediately.

It also leads to the water seeping into the clogged area which can damage your structure. Backflow can also happen due to blockage. This problem needs to be fixed on an urgent basis to avoid further damage. Experts use different mechanical and chemical methods to remove the blockage and continue the flow of water.

Frozen Pipes

When your home insulation is not good enough, some pipes may freeze when the temperature falls below freezing point. These frozen pipes may start shrinking and burst, leading to water leakage and structural damage. Apart from that, it can also result in slow supply of water. Experts will repair the pipes in unheated areas and outdoor spaces to fix this issue.

Final Words

In case of any plumbing emergency, you must immediately call experts to avoid further damage and fix the problem. You can contact OBS Facilities to get prompt plumbing services. This company has skilled and professional staff to fix any plumbing issue in your space.

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