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Quick Fixes: Netgear Parental Controls Not Working

Netgear routers are one of the best networking devices that are opted for by many users these days. Apart from the top-notch performance that they give, there is one more reason that users prefer investing in these routers. It is the Smart Parental Controls feature that when enabled on the router, helps you to easily manage your kids’ online access. You can have complete control over what they surf online and when they come online. All because of SPC. You can easily enable it via setup page. But what if this feature stops working suddenly? This can be frustrating for you. But do not worry. We can help you out. Simply walk through this article to know what you can do to get the feature up and working for you once again.

Fixed: Netgear Router Parental Controls Stopped Working

Power Cycle Your Router

Whenever you are stuck with an issue on your Netgear router or any other technical device, you should try power cycling it. This helps to ditch away any software glitch that might be affecting its functioning. Do the same now. Power cycling is an easy process and there is no harm in trying it. Here’s how you can perfrom a power cycle for your router:

  • Get near your router and switch it off.
  • Unplug the power cable now.
  • Also, remove any other cable that is connected to it.
  • Wait for some time now.
  • Connect the cables back including the power cable.
  • Switch on the router.

See if the Parental Controls work now or not. If now then power cycle the router as well as the modem this time. This should help for sure. But if it does not work then try the next hack.

Update the Firmware

An older firmware version on the Netgear router can be the reason why the Smart Parental controls have stopped working all of a sudden. Firmware updates help in bug fixing, security enhancement and performance improvement. Who knows by updating the firmware of your router, you will get rid of the problem that you are experiencing right now.

Hence log in to your router using and check for firmware updates. In case routerlogin not working for you, then you can use the default IP address of your router. Get the Netgear router firmware updated right away and then try accessing parental controls.

Ensure that SPC is Enabled

There is a chance that the smart Parental Controls feature is disabled and hence it is not working. Do the login and reach the settings o your Netgear router and check if the status of this feature. Toggle the button to the On position and you are good to go.

Reset the Router

We suggest you reset your router if nothing helped you get the SPC to work again. This will help to retain the factory settings on the router by removing the current configuration settings. You can do this by pressing the Reset hole located on the router using a sharp pointed object. The router should be turned on while you reset it.

If the physical Reset button does not let you reset your device, then you also have the option to log in and go to settings. Here you can find the reset settings. You can factory reset your router from here as well.

Once the router is reset, you should once again set it up from the very start. You can use any method that you find convenient to complete the setup process.

Wrapping Things Up

After you are done reconfiguring your Netgear router, you should again enable the Smart Parental Controls on it by logging in to the admin dashboard. Make sure you are using the right process to complete this task. You can refer to the user manual to know the instructions for the same. We are very hopeful that you won’t get into any trouble with your Netgear router SPC this time. You can now have control over your kids’ online activities without any issues.

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