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What is TouchTunes?

If you’ve ever been in a bar, restaurant, or arcade and queued up favorite songs on the jukebox, there’s a good chance you’ve used TouchTunes to pick the perfect tunes for setting the vibe. As the largest jukebox company in America, TouchTunes has revolutionized the jukebox experience by digitizing it for the 21st century.


For over 20 years, TouchTunes has been at the forefront of innovation in jukebox technology and entertainment experiences. Their intuitive, user-friendly jukeboxes can be found in hundreds of thousands of locations across North America.

TouchTunes has transformed the classic jukebox into a digital music platform that allows users to choose songs from a catalog of over 200,000 tracks to match the mood. Read on to learn more about TouchTunes’ origins, how their jukeboxes work, locations to find them, and what the future holds forTouchTunes as an entertainment platform.

The Origins of TouchTunes

TouchTunes was founded in 1998 with the goal of modernizing jukeboxes through digital technology by providing access to vast music libraries at the push of a button.

Founded in 1998 to Revolutionize Jukeboxes

Recognizing that consumers wanted more music variety, TouchTunes set out to transform old-fashioned jukeboxes using new digital capabilities.

Digitizing the Jukebox Experience

Early TouchTunes jukeboxes replaced physical records with a digital library to access hundreds of thousands of song options on demand.

Expanding Music Selections Exponentially

Whereas traditional jukeboxes held just 50-100 songs, TouchTunes offered seemingly endless musical variety.

How TouchTunes Jukeboxes Work

TouchTunes jukeboxes provide intuitive ways for users to easily browse, select, and play songs.

User-Friendly Interface for Browsing and Selecting

Touchscreens allow you to flip through albums, explore genres, and make selections with a simple touch.

Ability to Search for Songs Easily

Can’t remember that song title? Just search by keywords to quickly find what you want.

Downloading Songs from Massive Music Database

Selected songs are downloaded from TouchTunes’ 200,000+ master song catalog instantly over their network.

The Benefits of the TouchTunes Experience

touchtunes promo code offers advantages traditional jukeboxes could never provide:

Discover New Music and Variety

Expand your musical horizons by exploring endless genres and new songs added regularly.

Create the Perfect Vibe

With so much selection, easily match songs to the current mood or energy in any venue.

Foster Memorable Social Experiences

TouchTunes jukeboxes provide a shared space for people to bond over music.

Locations You’ll Find TouchTunes Jukeboxes

TouchTunes jukeboxes are found in:

Bars and Restaurants

TouchTunes is in 65,000+ bars and eateries, providing the perfect music for nights out.

Entertainment Venues

Venues like bowling alleys and arcades allow guests to curate fun musical experiences.

Retail Stores

Retailers enhance the shopping experience with background music selected by customers.

TouchTunes Mobile Apps and Digital Jukebox

In today’s mobile world, TouchTunes offers apps to control jukebox remotely:

Remote Song Queuing from Your Phone

Apps allow people to select songs from tables or around the venue rather than walking to the jukebox.

Design the Perfect Playlist from Home

Before heading out, craft playlists that will be playing when your group arrives.

Karaoke Features for Parties

For karaoke parties, queue up karaoke songs and lyrics right from your phone.

The Future of TouchTunes as an Entertainment Platform

As TouchTunes continues innovating in digital entertainment tech, the possibilities are endless for enhancing jukebox experiences both in-venue and beyond.

A Closer Look at TouchTune’s Origins

TouchTunes was founded by three innovative entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity to transform jukeboxes in the digital music era:

Early Digital Music Pioneers

The founders were early pioneers in digitizing music and recognized the potential to apply new technology to jukeboxes.

Securing Licensing Deals

They worked extensively with record labels and music publishers to secure landmark licensing deals allowing access to vast song catalogs.

Developing Proprietary Tech

TouchTunes developed proprietary compression technology to efficiently store millions of songs on jukebox servers and reduce bandwidth costs.

The Mechanics Behind TouchTunes’ Jukeboxes

There are complex technical systems powering TouchTunes’ seamless jukebox experience:

Advanced Jukebox Hardware

Touchscreens, high-quality audio components, and robust connectivity equip TouchTunes boxes as cutting-edge entertainment hubs.

Network Operations Centers

NOCs monitor jukebox data/usage 24/7 to ensure optimal performance and continually improve service.

Regular Software Updates

Behind the scenes, software is updated remotely enabling quick rollout of new features.

User Experience Enhancements Over the Years

TouchTunes prioritizes constantly improving the customer experience through evolutions like:

Enhanced Search and Discovery

Features like related artists help customers discover new favorites while enhanced search makes finding songs easier.

Personal Profiles

Users can save payment info, favorite songs/artists, and preferences to their TouchTune’s account for convenience.

Shared Playlist Queue

Groups can collaborate on playlists in real-time, taking turns picking songs to play.

The Role of Data and Analytics

To optimize the in-venue music experience, TouchTune’s leverages real-time data and analytics in ways such as:

Curating Music Mixes

Data informs genre mixes and song rotations that align with a location’s vibe and customers.

Identifying Regional Song Preferences

Analyzing regional and local venue patterns allows catering music to specific markets.

Measuring Crowd Sentiment

Anonymous demographic data helps venues gauge crowd sentiment reaction to music choices.

The Business Side of TouchTunes

To support their expansive technical infrastructure and music licensing, TouchTunes has an underlying business model they have refined over the years:

Revenue Streams

TouchTune’s generates revenue through:

  • Jukebox leasing, sales, and financing programs for venue partners
  • Splitting music licensing royalties and fees with music publishers
  • Selling advertising on jukebox screens

Maintaining Extensive Business Partnerships

TouchTune’s maintains partnerships with:

  • Music labels and publishers to license millions of songs
  • Advertisers who value reach into bars, restaurants, and retail spaces
  • Manufacturers that produce their designed jukebox hardware
  • Distributors to install and service jukeboxes across the US and Canada

Adapting and Innovating Their Business

As consumer technology shifts, TouchTune’s adapts their business approach accordingly:

  • Adopting subscription models and leasing options as upfront jukebox sales declined
  • Expanding licensing to include emerging music publishers and independent artists
  • Developing in-house hardware expertise when manufacturers exited the market

The TouchTunes Company Culture

Integral to TouchTunes’ success has been building an innovative company culture:


TouchTunes’ values focus on being:

  • Customer-centric
  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Accountable

Fostering Innovation

With an open, fast-paced environment, TouchTunes empowers employees to ideate and pilot new concepts quickly.

Unique Perspectives

Diversity and inclusion initiatives ensure TouchTunes benefits from employees’ wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences.

Passion for Music

Being music lovers who want to shape in-venue experiences, many employees are drawn to TouchTunes’ product-driven mission.

Diving Deeper into TouchTune’s Music Catalog and Licensing

A key factor in TouchTune’s success has been the breadth and depth of their music catalog:

Catalog Size and Variety

  • Over 200,000 songs across genres from major label hits to indie darlings
  • Over 500 genres and sub-genres covered
  • Songs in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, and more

How New Music Is Added

  • Proprietary tech monitors Billboard charts, streaming services, and social media to identify popular new songs
  • Music programmers add up to 500 new tracks every week to keep library fresh
  • Users can request songs not in catalog for addition consideration

Licensing Complexities

  • TouchTune’s licenses songs from major labels, publishers, performing rights organizations, and independents
  • Renegotiates expiring licenses continuously to retain massive catalog
  • Pays licensing fees and royalties from jukebox revenue

Local Music Programs

  • “Homegrown” programs add local bands’ music in respective cities
  • Allows venues to showcase local talent and patrons discover new artists


In an era of unlimited on-demand music streaming, TouchTune’s has brought back the nostalgic social experience of the jukebox for the digital age. With an ever-expanding catalog of songs at your fingertips, TouchTune’s allows people to discover new music together and collectively shape the soundtrack of social spaces.


How many songs does the TouchTune’s catalog offer?

TouchTunes gives access to over 200,000 songs across all genres – far more than traditional jukeboxes that held only 50-100 physical records.

What types of locations have TouchTune’s jukeboxes?

TouchTune’s jukeboxes are found in over 65,000 bars, restaurants, retail stores, bowling alleys, arcades, and other entertainment venues.

How has TouchTune’s modernized the classic jukebox experience?

TouchTune’s digitized the jukebox by replacing physical records with downloadable access to vast digital music libraries featuring endless options.

Can you control TouchTune’s jukeboxes from your smartphone?

Yes, TouchTune’s offers mobile apps allowing you to remotely browse songs, create playlists, and queue up tracks to play from anywhere in the venue.

Does TouchTune’s update their song catalog regularly?

Yes, TouchTune’s continually adds the latest hit songs and releases to keep their catalog updated with new music options.

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