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An Insight Into Developing An SOS App

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An SOS app can increase the security and safety of those on their own. It boosts confidence in women who travel independently and helps older people. Parents will feel more secure in letting their children go on trips and can also monitor their progress in real-time. It comes with a range of applications and various technologies available to create the application. Acquaint Softtech has the expertise to create an individual SOS mobile app that can meet your needs.


The goal of an SOS mobile app is to enhance the security and safety of everyone, particularly when they’re on their own, and to help people feel more secure. An SOS app, also known as an emergency app, is often thought of as something women may use. But this isn’t the case. An SOS app is beneficial for women or men, as well as older people. It’s also great for kids with devices on their mobile.

There are many devices available such as GPS trackers, which allow the user to follow one another. There are additional benefits to SOS App Development, and it’s possible to add many more features, as described in the article.

What is an SOS App?

Many people don’t know what to do or how to respond in an emergency. Since nearly everyone uses a mobile phone, and it is an excellent method to alert people or ask for assistance through smartphones, creating a custom app that lets users call for help at the touch of their phones could save the day. It could be any emergency such as an illness or panicking in a lift, fire or natural disaster, road accident, or any other type of emergency. It is the best emergency SOS solution.

The SOS mobile application is designed to send out a group of people in an emergency. This includes relatives, friends, as well as emergency services. The App can incorporate various innovative features within the App, such as geofencing and activity logs, real-time tracking, and so on.

Who Is It For?

This kind of mobile App is perfect for all kinds of emergencies. The limit is only the sky regarding the features it can provide. The App is suitable for all kinds of individuals, a wide range of applications, and different types of people.

Here are some statistics to will help you understand what kind of people need such an application:

  • Over 460,000 are victims (aged 12 and over) of sexual & rape assault each year throughout the USA.
  • Six out of six females in America are victimized by some form of sexual attack.
  • There are more than 4.8 million domestic assaults each throughout the USA, but only 20 percent of women receive medical care to treat their injuries.
  • The number of assaults on older men was 75.4 percent between 2002 and 2016.
  • The number of fires was 1.38 million wildfires during 2020. in 2021 the number was 1.35 million.
  • In 2022, there were 81 deaths among firefighters and 1829 deaths at home.

Women often feel uneasy, especially in night-time travel to various cities across the globe. Public spaces have become more secure, but there are certain cities and locations where there have been assaults on women in one or three others. With an app similar to this, women can feel more comfortable traveling alone, particularly in the late hours of the evening. Here’s a brief overview of the types of people that a custom app like this would be suitable:

  • Women who travel on their own, particularly in the evening.
  • Senior citizens live on their own.
  • Patients suffering from health issues may require immediate assistance.
  • For those who are uncomfortable traveling on their own.
  • Children who have their own mobile devices.
  • It is common for people to travel alone by cabs, particularly in not well-known areas.

How Does an Emergency Personal Safety App Work?

There are a variety of emergency services that are always ready to help those who are in need. The most well-known ones are medical, fire, and natural catastrophes. Numerous types of emergencies you can be affected by are explained within this piece. The smartphone app could be developed to create more security for individuals.

The best platform for this software is a smartphone, as many users use it. So it is logical that an SOS emergency app should be an iPhone or Android application. There are numerous SOS emergency apps, such as trackers and child monitors, health status monitors, women assault alert apps, security and fire series SOS, and many more. These apps all share an objective, which is to improve the degree of security and safety and increase individuals’ trust.

The method by which an app alerts an emergency service is the following:

  • A user press the button whenever is in danger or requires assistance.
  • The nature of the App and the features it offers the emergency response center will be notified.
  • The App will notify the user of the emergency center and other details regarding the individual.
  • The information received when a person presses the SOS button will include the nature of the emergency and the current location, as well as other essential details about the individual, including name, gender, and other details.
  • The App is usually created to inform of the center for emergency assistance closest to where they are.
  • A response center will confirm that they received an alert, then take the request to assist and assign the right personnel to take care of the request.
  • The App can simultaneously notify other individuals, such as relatives and friends. However, the user must have the option to do this before using the App.

Benefits of Developing an SOS Emergency Alert App

An SOS application is an application that informs the emergency response assistance of an emergency aid need. The App could be customized to meet your needs. There are numerous benefits to developing an app similar to this:

  • This is the most efficient way to send a quick SOS message to the proper authorities and your family or friends, regardless of where you are and the issue.
  • It utilizes certain built-in features of mobile devices to communicate information about the GPS location, send essential information about the person needing assistance, and more.
  • The person using the App and the police officer can communicate real-time updates regarding the current situation.
  • It boosts confidence in the person to take a step out, particularly at night.
  • Peace of mind to your family and friends.
  • Facilitate emergency services to locate the person and be ready.
  • This App eliminates the requirement to purchase a different device since it uses the features of smartphones.
  • Please keep track of the user’s activities using the App and be aware of their current location.
  • You can enable the Geo-Fence feature and change it if the person is outside of the zone they’re permitted to enter.
  • Be alert about the user’s activities, such as the entry and exit of users into pre-defined places.
  • It’s a silent alarm and an excellent method to guarantee protection and safety.

Typical Applications of An SOS App

There are a variety of applications for the App. It can be used to perform a variety of tasks, as shown below:

  • Security for general use: Users can seek help if an intruder enters the house or office. It’s also helpful if an attack occurs outside or inside.
  • Medical emergency: Patients suffering from illness could utilize a bespoke app similar to this one that connects them to an emergency medical team. Hospitals will be alert about any medical emergencies of one patient and take the appropriate action based on the kind of medical treatment required. The App can include additional options like voice and location monitors in motion, calls, and so on. To assist with a variety of methods.
  • Disaster management Centers could use this App to assist emergency personnel, those working at a risky site, or those living in buildings. Suppose a natural disaster or other natural disasters could threaten the lives of people in the area. In that case, the alert could be a problem for information about how to avoid danger. Users can use an app to send an SOS message that permits the management center to track the exact location of those requiring rescue.
  • Monitor: A program that lets you monitor the user’s activities, such as their movements, notifications of leaving a preset zone, and so on.

Technologies Used To Develop This App

It can be a web-based or mobile App. Some of the most well-known technology used in applications like this are Laravel Development, Swift(iOS), Java(Android), and others. Acquaint Softtech Private Limited we have a dedicated group of developers with years of experience with various technologies such as Laravel, iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, ReactJS, AI, ML, and VR, as well as numerous others. We can meet your requirements as we have a highly skilled team of experts to conduct the research and provide the best solution.

Top 10 Features of An SOS App

  1. The Instant SOS feature: Users can initiate an alert at the click that will immediately notify the right person.
  2. Emergency information: The App provides details about the type of emergency, the current location, and additional information regarding the person.
  3. Updates in real-time Real-time updates App provides real-time updates on the condition of an individual in need and advises them of the location of rescuers.
  4. Call recording and video The App allows users to capture videos of short length and then make audio recordings. After the recordings have been made, the recordings will be immediately delivered to the emergency center.
  5. Locator tracking: An emergency responder service can track the movement of the App’s user in real-time.
  6. Geo-fence: Designate an area for the movement of users. You will be notified whenever they depart from that zone.
  7. Additional alerts: Users can be pre-programmed to whom to notify in the event of an emergency, such as family members and friends.
  8. Send crucial information: In case users need urgent assistance using the SOS app, It will also transmit details about the individual, such as name, medical conditions, sexual orientation, gender, and so on.
  9. Log Activity: I can let the response center keep track of the user’s activities.
  10. SOS timer Create an SOS alert with a timer. Then, you can stop the timer if SOS is not required.

What is SOS App Development Cost?

There are numerous aspects to think about when creating an SOS app. These choices directly impact the cost as well as the following:

  • The size of the application
  • Features to be added
  • The platform has chosen to develop the application. The application can be cost-effective by utilizing an application to run on both iOS and Android.
  • Professionals selected the method of development.
  • The time and effort that was spent on the test.
  • Technology type and advanced technologies employed.

What People Look For in An SOS Mobile Application?

This kind of App is intended for the general public and keeps them safe. Therefore, it’s a good idea to design the App keeping the users in mind and incorporate features that could benefit them. Here are a few of the features people expect to see

  • Video and call recordings are also available that are transmitted immediately.
  • A quick message to the center for service.
  • It is well integrated with wearable devices to send An SOS alert.
  • It should be sure to use the phone’s GPS function to transmit the user’s actual location.
  • A user-friendly interface that is easy and intuitive to use.
  • The App can also send notifications about an incident to set family members and friends. It is recommended to transmit a message via an established social media site to inform people within the area.

Tips To Develop an SOS Mobile App

It is an app that users trust in their lives. It could be an attack by an intruder, fire, or any natural disaster. It is therefore essential to select the best development company to accomplish this. It is essential to research the need and get a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Acquaint Softteh has well-trained developers to assist in developing this kind of application. Most of our clients have nothing but positive things to review about Acquaint Softteh. Our developers have vast experience and knowledge to ensure you get a perfect application.


An SOS application is created for users’ sole goal, making it simple to notify emergency responders of their need for immediate assistance. It is a device women can use when they need assistance. It may also increase their confidence to travel alone.

It can also benefit different types of users, such as children, the elderly, or even those who need assistance. This could be due to an attack on the body or a natural disaster such as fire, natural calamity, etc. Hire to work with Softtech to design a custom application that will meet your needs. Acquaint Softtech can create a unique solution with various options like GPS locations, audio, and alerts via sound.


What exactly is the SOS app to do?

This SOS Mobile app can be perfect for those in need but with no one to assist them. It can be helpful for lonely employees, travelers, and those who live in a home alone. It can be used to immediately notify appropriate authorities of their need for help and other pertinent information like the location.

What is the most suitable platform to develop an SOS application for mobile devices?

Because many people use mobile devices these days, developing an App to work on them is recommended. Developing an app that works on both platforms, such as iOS and Android, is essential. One option to cut costs is to employ Acquaint Softtech to develop an open-platform SOS application.

Blog Title: An Insight Into Developing An SOS App

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