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How to Build an Auction Platform for Real Estate


It isn’t a new idea; real estate auctions have been around for many years. This is one of many ways to sell or buy a property. The real estate market has seen a significant increase in technology use. Digital transformation is also a key focus for real estate companies. This includes the ability to auction real estate properties.

It is possible to create an online auction website to hold an auction. This allows buyers and homeowners to find remote areas for an auction. Technology advancements have allowed us to take a complete picture of the property before we buy it and then use the right method to purchase it. A platform for auction can be either a mobile app or a website. It may also include features such as a countdown until the final bid. An IT company can assist you with the development of a real estate auction platform for your real-estate business.

How Does A Real Estate Auction Site Work?

There are many types of auction platforms, including increment, reserve price and automatic, minimum bid, and absolute. An increment auction allows one to raise the price by a predetermined value. The reserve price auction allows property owners to determine the maximum price they will accept for their property.

The buyer can set the maximum price they will pay for the property, and the bidding process is automated. A minimum bid auction allows the seller to set a reserve price for a property. Buyers are allowed to place bids from that reserve. Absolute auctions are where the property is sold to whoever is the highest bidder.

An online auction is similar to an offline auction. It has a moderator. There are three major users: a moderator, a seller, and a buyer. Each user is granted a unique set of permissions and roles.

Moderators are responsible for managing transactions, buying and selling, as well as moderating users. They also consult investors. An auction platform such as this also has a seller role. Sellers can manage orders and transactions, modify auctions, send notifications, add or remove auctions, change the auction type, monitor bidding, and track the status of the auction. Buyers can search for sellers and rate them. They can also set their base prices. You can track your bidding history, customize your dashboard and perform real-time bidding. Buyers can also track the status of properties and view bid details.

Types Of Real Estate Auction Property

Online auction platforms can be a benefit for both buyers and sellers. However, not all properties are suitable for online auction. Here are the most appropriate properties for which it is best:

  • Normal residential houses
  • Properties that are in trouble, such as properties with legal issues, enforcement notices, or tenant problems.
  • Commercial properties
  • Commercial Land
  • You can also auction properties that have been damaged by fire, flood, or severe weather (roof problems).

How To Create a Real Estate Online Auction Website?

You have many options for developing an auction portal to sell real estate. You can either design it from scratch or use a pre-made template. To ensure that your auction portal has all the features you desire, it is worth considering developing one. Acquaint Softtech Private Limited has a talented team of professionals who can develop auction property portals. We keep up with the latest technologies and have extensive experience in real estate.

The first step in any project is to choose the features and tech stack. Many technologies can be used to develop such software. However, it depends on the solution required. Laravel Development is best suited for developing websites. However, it makes sense to also develop mobile solutions due to the high use of mobile devices. Here are some features that your online auction solution must have.

  • User account: Sellers and buyers can register on the auction site and have a dashboard from which to manage their accounts as well as other features.
  • Register for home auctions: After searching for a property they are interested in, buyers can register on the platform to participate in the auctions. Payment integration is an option to allow online payments.
  • Property listing management: Both buyers and sellers can list properties for auction. This information includes details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, photos, and many other details.
  • Auction bidding system: The seller should have the option to choose the auction type they want for their property and also manage the bidding process.
  • You can create an auction calendar: This will help you to highlight the auctions that are coming up and the ones in progress.
  • You can create an auction calendar: This will help you to highlight the auctions that are coming up and the ones in progress.
  • You can create an auction calendar: This will help you to highlight the auctions that are coming up and the ones in progress.
  • You can create an auction calendar: This will help you to highlight the auctions that are coming up and the ones in progress.
  • Social sharing: Both buyers and sellers can share information about their purchases, as well as the listing of their property for sale.
  • Messaging: A messaging system that streamlines internal communication.

Create a Security Framework for Real Estate Internet Auction

People are more likely to use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops than ever before. Cyber-attacks are on the rise. It is therefore crucial that auction systems like this one are designed with security in mind. You can make a system like this more secure by following these steps:

  • Verification of the user’s official ID should be part of the registration process. Before potential buyers can place a bid, they should register and verify their credit card information.
  • Moderators should have the ability to monitor the auction in real-time to see how buyers place their bids and to monitor any other processes.
  • Incorporate a rating system both for buyers and sellers.
  • A bidder agreement system must be included in the registration system. It should have a set of pre-defined rules and regulations.

Getting Profit From Real Estate Online Auction Website Development

Online auctions offer many benefits. This is especially true during the COVID-19 epidemic. An online auction is a great option because it doesn’t require buyers to travel long distances to attend an auction. Sometimes the auction may not be held at the right time. In this instance, the buyer might even miss it. This is much less likely when the auction takes place online. This auction is open to all buyers and does not limit the area.

It’s easier for property sellers to sell their properties and is more convenient for them to bid on them. The goal of an online auction system is to create a secure portal that achieves both buyers and sellers.

The first step is to hire a team of experts to create a state-of-the-art platform. Next, you need to try to get buyers and sellers to sign up on your portal. Once this effort has been successful, there are many options for monetizing the portal. A buyer premium, which can be a fee charged by the auctioneer and ranging from 5% to 10% of the final price, is a good place to start. After placing the winning bid, the buyer may be required to pay the auctioneer a fee.

You can charge property owners a fee to access your online auction platform or other services. This is a highly profitable way to make money. Your portal will attract more visitors if you offer other features, such as a loan for buyers.

Tips to Hire Website and Mobile App Developer

A professorial IT team is essential to develop an online auction portal that meets your needs. Here are some tips:

  • You should ensure that the developer firm is familiar with popular programming languages and technologies such as PHP, Java, Android, Flutter iOS, Swift, IoT AR/VR, AI/ML, etc.
  • Knowledge of security and database systems is a must.
  • The cost of building an auction platform can vary, so don’t base your decision solely on this.
  • Before you make a decision to hire them, you must take a look at their portfolio. This will tell you a lot about the company’s work ethic and quality.
  • Other essentials include communication skills and a proven method of development.
  • You can also look for testimonials and client reviews; if you have any questions, get in touch with the previous client.


Online auctions offer many advantages over offline ones and can be beneficial to your real estate business. These systems work in a similar way to an offline auction. This is where buyers and sellers can register and there is a moderator who manages the process. The best part is that you can do everything remotely. It is important to hire a professional website developer for this purpose due to increasing cybercrimes. Acquaint Softtech can help you develop a secure, cost-effective, and efficient platform for your business.

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