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The types of web-based applications that you can build with Laravel

Types of web-based applications you can develop using Laravel

Making your own website application design can be daunting. However, it’s not that difficult. The Laravel PHP framework makes it easy to build your own web application. This is why I am going to walk you through the many web applications that you could develop using Laravel.


The usage of web-based applications is increasing. There are web-based applications that can perform a variety of tasks, including editing video and image images, data analysis, text optimization, and more. These are also referred to as SAAS or Software-As-A-Service.

In terms of web applications, they are software users can access via the internet. The most popular examples of web-based applications include Grammarly (to examine grammar and improve the quality of content more appealing), Canva (for editing videos and images), and Notion (an online workplace).

If you’re looking to begin a business developing a web-based application is the best method to achieve that since you will need to develop an application for the web only once and after that, you can sell it as often as you like. In this regard, Laravel can help you by allowing faster development using its pre-built libraries. It is also possible to read our blog article ” Why use Laravel to develop websites?” to know more.

What exactly is the Laravel web application framework?

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that’s the first version was introduced in the year 2011. It was designed by Taylor Otwell for developers to create web-based websites and applications using the pre-built libraries of code. At the time of writing the most recent version of Laravel is Laravel 9 which was released on February 8, 2022.

Laravel is rapidly gaining popularity for web developers and owners of websites since it can build simple, as well as complicated, and heavy web applications. At the present, Laravel powers over 760 thousand active websites across the world.

Why should you select Laravel for the development of web-based applications?

Laravel has a large community of users and is backed by a variety of website owners due to a myriad of reasons. However, some of the reasons are security and stability, scalability, and performance. For more detailed information I strongly suggest you read our post on What are the benefits of using Laravel?

For a brief review of the amazing capabilities of Laravel, you can count on it to create a speedy and beautiful web-based application in a relatively short time. It has also taken responsibility for the security of your site by providing you with solutions to the most common ways hackers attempt to hack into your website.

This creates Laravel the ideal framework on which to create your web-based application.

Web applications of various types that you can create using Laravel

Laravel framework lets you create a variety of web-based apps from small to large scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to target the e-commerce market or B2C, B2B, and so on. Laravel can provide you with a web app that will serve your customers best. Below are some typical kinds of web-based apps created using Laravel.

1. E-commerce platforms as well as online stores

Laravel provides a complete platform to create your online store that sells your goods to national, regional, and even international customers. Bagisto is an e-commerce platform that is built on Laravel and handles everything from shopping carts and product listings to SEO, payment gateways, and more. If you’re seeking to develop your own online store, you should consider Laravel. One example of an e-commerce site built using Laravel could be Daalder.

2. Real estate

Real estate web apps require beautiful images since a large portion of prospective buyers decide their first impressions based on their experience on your site. Laravel framework allows developers to build an amazingly beautiful website that captivates your visitors. It also allows IDX as well as MLS integration that gives users access to a vast variety of listings and information. Our own project, Great Colorado Homes is an example of this.

3. Educational blogging website and E-learning platform

Laravel is an ideal framework for building e-learning web apps and education platforms. The projects will require an enormous database that can be challenging to manage well. However, Laravel makes it simple to develop and grow the database to meet ever-growing needs. It is also possible to deploy useful functions, including login/signup as well as newsletter subscriptions social sharing, and more. Some examples of such platforms comprise MyRank and Canvas.

4. Portals for patients along with a hospital-management system

You require an efficient and stable platform for tracking the information of patients as well as managing the hospital. Laravel is an extremely reliable platform that can provide the stability you require to create a fantastic patient portal. Also, you must be sure that you can ensure the speedy transfer of the right data from and to the database. HealthJump will be an online platform that was developed using Laravel and Laravel. draw from for inspiration.

5. Management of schools and universities systems

Hospital management systems as well as school and university management systems must be stable and have a steady circulation of data within the database. Any error could have an enormous impact. If you build your university’s management system using Laravel with a keen eye for the finer details, you will be able to fulfill all the requirements for an effective web-based application.

6. System for ERP and management system and management

ERP or enterprise resource planning in simple terms is a software system that assists businesses in automating and managing their core business processes to ensure the highest performance out of their staff as well as other assets. Laravel can help you create ERP systems quickly and easily using its libraries pre-built that include codes for a variety of components and features.

7. CRM System

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management system. A CRM lets you easily maintain and enhance your relationship with your existing customers and potential customers. With Laravel it is possible to build solid CRMs which you can use to run your business or even sell as a SAAS product. Some of the most popular CRMs are Salesforce as well as HubSpot.

8. B2B websites

If your company is looking to target other businesses through its web-based application, it’s not a problem. Laravel provides everything you require to develop a professional web-based application for B2B customers. Security is the most important factor for businesses as they depend on one another. However, Laravel already has many security options to protect your website from the most common cyber threats.

9. Booking platforms

Booking platforms will assist users with hotel reservations trips, trips, travel concerts, shows, etc. Examples of these services are booking as well as Trivago. The focus is mainly on speed and stability since users are looking to make reservations as swiftly as they can. Additionally, these web-based apps could see massive volumes of traffic. Also, stability is important. Laravel framework is an excellent framework for building a booking system since it is built to provide speed as well as stability and performance.

10. Forum website

Forums are extremely popular nowadays. They are essentially online forums where people can discuss and exchange information on a topic of a common subject. Forums are available on almost every topic that you would like to discuss. Forums need a little control to make sure that the discussion does not diverge from the intended topic. Laravel simplifies the process when you want to start a forum that is related to your interests.

11. EHR application

EHR, also known as the Electronic Health Record system is an electronic record of a patient’s medical history that is stored digitally, instead of paper. These records are utilized by doctors to provide their patients appropriate treatment. Therefore, the records must be kept and processed within a secure environment. Working with Laravel skilled developers, you can count on it to build an effective EHR application.

12. Document management and workflow systems

It is no secret that the online workplace has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Due to the increasing popularity to work remotely, workflows and management of document systems ensure that everyone is together. With the MVC architecture, which is used within Laravel web-based development, users can create these kinds of projects with more clarity. A good instance of a workflow as well as document management system could be The Notion.

13. Marketplace on the internet

The term “online marketplace” refers to the online marketplace is place where buyers and sellers meet to purchase and sell goods. The most popular example is Amazon. You can sell your items there and also buy from other sellers. With Bagisto which is developed by Laravel, it is possible to build your own online marketplace that is reliable to handle large volumes of traffic. Like Laravel, Bagisto is free and open source.

How Acquaint Softtech can help you develop your website application using Laravel?

With the ever-growing standard of web-based applications, you’ll need an experienced development partner that can meet current as well as future demands. With our over 9 years of experience developing web-based applications, employing the remote development team assures you that you’ll receive the best Laravel Web development service that meets the requirements of your target users.

I’m sure that you’ve figured out the reasons why Laravel can be the most effective method of developing your website application. Then, adding our experience in Laravel will provide your website application the customized solution required to make your mark in the marketplace.


Do you have some idea about the range of possibilities of Laravel? It gives you an array of features that allow you to build nearly any kind of web-based application that will serve your target customers. If you’ve thought of launching a business take advantage of a no-cost consultation with the Laravel experts by calling us. This will assist you in putting the best effort forward while taking minimal risk and costs of development.

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