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Why use Laravel?


It is crucial to make an informed choice on the technology you use to build your website. Select a weak framework, and you could compromise the performance and security of your website. Choose an old horse, and you have the possibility of not having the ability to improve your website’s performance to the current quality.

Then there’s Laravel. It’s a robust PHP framework provides you with high-performance and tight security. It is also capable of bringing constant updates. In fact, Laravel is getting stronger and more well-known with each new day.

The USP of Laravel

You might be thinking, what makes Laravel an exceptional framework during the increasing number of other alternatives. Its USP that is unique to Laravel is that it renews it regularly to make itself more efficient.

It is incredible how quickly time changes and demands also alter. Laravel ensures that it operates in line with the time and meets the moment’s requirements. This results in Laravel, an option popular with organizations that use it for web development.

Let’s look at the evolution of Laravel to see how far it’s grown.

The history and evolution of Laravel

Laravel has a long history that has seen continuous improvement in its. Since its beginning in 2011, Laravel has come up with nine new versions, and the most recent one was launched on the 8th of February, 2022.

8 – 8 September 2020

9 – 8 February 2022

There isn’t any better evidence than the other studies that have used it. Thus…

Is it popular? Laravel?

Laravel is now a preferred option for creating websites for companies across various industries and nations. Check out these numbers to witness the confidence Laravel can enjoy.

Usage of Laravel Framework across different countries

Usage of Laravel Framework across different industries

What is the best way to determine if Laravel is the most suitable choice for web development?

Laravel has many advantages that make it a straightforward option over other frameworks. There’s a reason Laravel is among the most popular frameworks across the world. In actual fact, I’m going to provide you with 15 reasons to pick Laravel as a web-based development framework.

1. Popularity of Laravel

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to get help when you need help? Laravel has a large number of users who are willing to assist you in every step. It’s safe to assert that no matter what issue you face, there is a solution within the Laravel community.

2. High-level security measures

Security is a significant concern at the present time. A site that is not adequately secured is like a smashed-up cash locker waiting to be robbed by thieves. Hackers are constantly searching for websites vulnerable to attack to achieve their criminal motives. However, Laravel ensures that your site is always secure, thanks to its built-in security features.

3. Developer-friendly

Laravel framework comprises optimized bits of code for everything you could ever require for your company website. Its simple-to-use code will speed up the development of your site and, consequently, lower costs for you.

4. Error handling

You’ll enjoy the ability to handle errors if you choose one of the Laravel frameworks to build your web-based development project. One of the most common causes of these situations is forms in which mistakes will happen. But, you can warn users to be alert to address the issue.

5. Mail service integration

Continuously communicating with prospective clients is a fantastic way to engage with them and promote new offerings. The API and drivers of Laravel to integrate mail service integration allow you to send notifications and e-mails to your customers easily.

6. High Performance

Websites that perform well have become a standard for evaluating their performance. Actually, search engines prefer faster websites over slower counterparts. Luckily, Laravel has you covered by providing your visitors with a speedy experience.

7. Multilingual

Multilingual websites have several languages to choose from. This lets you appeal to a broader population to expand your reach and increase your sales. Laravel recognizes this importance and has set the way for you to do the similar.

8. Testing of web apps and websites

Testing is vital because it helps you discover flaws and bugs in the functionality you might have missed. It improves the user experience and ensures everything is working as designed. Laravel facilitates testing for testers and developers with its built-in tools.

9. Ideal for large-scale projects.

Laravel is an excellent choice for developing large-scale projects, making it the best web application development option. Smaller companies are also attracted to Laravel because its highly scalable framework allows them to continue advancements and improvements as the requirement arises.

10. Task scheduling management

One of the standout features Laravel offers of them is the command scheduler. It lets developers create commands within the framework, making it easier to build your own project.

11. Migration of databases

It is now the gold standard in the contemporary world. It is, therefore, essential to secure it using the same care. However, don’t fret since Laravel is already laying the groundwork for you. Its feature to migrate data minimizes the chance of data theft, and grants access only to authorized members. Data migration also facilitates the sharing of schemas of databases and makes it easier to avoid building tables from scratch.

12. Cost-effective

Laravel is an open-source platform that is entirely accessible for anyone to use. It comes with pre-built code libraries to support all features and sections you’ll ever need for your site. This drastically cuts down the Laravel development costs and time to finish your project.

13.Reduced time to reach the market

Updating your website with the latest features is vital to get an advantage in the current market. The built-in libraries of Laravel are simple to integrate into your site, which reduces the time to bring your website online or to make upgrades to the market.

14. Able to handle large volumes of traffic

What’s more disappointing than receiving enormous traffic to your website only to have it crash? Modern websites must remain strong regardless of the spike in traffic. Otherwise, you’ll be viewed as a fraud in the long run. However, Laravel has ensured that this doesn’t happen to your site.

15. A wide selection of libraries

As I mentioned earlier, the information you want to include on your site is probably already available within the massive library of Laravel. Because of the enormous community that Laravel has, it has been able to anticipate the necessity of developing websites. It’s even better that these libraries will continue to grow. So now you know why Laravel is the best choice to develop your website and web app with Acquaint Softtech. It offers huge libraries of code to minimize the development time, numerous security features, and community support like nowhere else. But we have just scratched the surface of Laravel. If you want to know more about the awesomeness of Laravel, check out our guide on “Why use Laravel?”

Top 12 characteristics of the Laravel PHP framework

Laravel has many features that allow you to have the best experience when creating your website and application. Here are a few of the most valuable features that make Laravel the recognition it deserves.

1. Innovative template engine

Templates are fantastic as they allow developers to be simple and fast while offering the option of personalizing your site. Laravel provides a wide variety of templates built-in to pick from. They are light and easy to integrate.

2. MVC architecture

MVC is a shorthand for Model View Controller. It speeds up the development process for your site by separating the front and back end. Numerous popular frameworks, as well as Laravel, are compatible with MVC architecture.

3. OOL libraries and ORM libraries

Laravel includes OOL (Object-Oriented Libraries) and ORM (Object Relationship Mapping) libraries. OOL allows you to track users’ activity, reset their password, secure mechanisms, and safeguard against CSRF. While ORM provides high-speed data transmission.

4. Secure and strong

Securely protecting your website isn’t an alternative now. However, Laravel has you covered. Laravel offers a variety of security features that block the most well-known methods of cyberattacks and protect your valuable data from being compromised.

5. Effortless unit testing

Laravel allows developers to check whether the code functions precisely as it should. It lets you modify the code without damaging the original version, so you can experiment with different methods to accomplish this.

6. Transfer of the database

You may need to transfer the data you have stored from one system to another for various reasons. However, it can be challenging since you could lose specific data in making a move. Therefore, Laravel has provided a straightforward process allowing you to move your data.

7. Automated tasks using an artisan tool

Laravel comes with a command line tool known as Artisan that assists you with the built-in commands. This could save you time performing repetitive tasks while developing and reduce the cost of creating your website or web-based application.

8. Control of access

Data security is crucial because you could also lose your clients’ confidence when it’s misused. With Laravel, you can allow access to your data as to the role of the individuals. This will ensure that no one can access information more often than has the right to.

9. Libraries and functionalities that are modular, as well as libraries

Laravel comes with a variety of built-in libraries of code that aren’t found in other PHP frameworks. These libraries give you principles to enable different features to your website. For example, the authentication library includes its options features like CSRF security and B-Crypt hashing, as well as password reset and more.

10. Installation and management of activities

It is your responsibility to oversee the tasks. This is why Laravel allows you to set up and plan tasks like clearing databases or sending emails. An entry is created on the server each time you use the command scheduler, making it simple for you to monitor.

11. Automatization of the discovery of packages

The installation of packages used to be complicated due to numerous compatibility issues. However, thanks to the latest version of Laravel, it automatically detects the packets you might want to install. When the installation is necessary, it will remove the initial use of the aliases.

12. Community Assistance

It’s challenging to match the support from the community you receive with Laravel. The Laravel developer community is there for you every step of the way, aiding you in overcoming the most pressing issues in your website or web application. Laravel offers simple-to-use documentation, as well. So now you know why Laravel is the best choice to develop Laravel website and web app. It offers huge libraries of code to minimize the development time, numerous security features, and community support like nowhere else. But we have just scratched the surface of Laravel. If you want to know more about the awesomeness of Laravel, check out our guide on “Why use Laravel?”

10 of the best Laravel ecosystems for scaling web-based applications

1. Cashier

The Cashier offers an interface for subscription-based billing services that is easy and easy to use. It comes with all basic subscription billing codes, so you don’t have to create your own. The Cashier offers many options, including coupon codes, invoice PDFs, etc.

2. Echo

Laravel Echo makes it easy to sign up for the channel and to listen to live events. The broadcast of events is performed via a server-side broadcasting driver that broadcasts Laravel events in a way that a JavaScript Library called Laravel Echo can receive them from your browser’s client.

3. Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer offers a no-delay installation service that is designed for PHP as well as Laravel projects. It allows you to manage your deployments smoothly when you connect to your server, ensuring that users of your application will never experience any downtime.

4. Forge

Laravel Forge is a server management and deployment service. In simpler terms, Forge alleviates the pain of setting up servers and launching your site. It’s not just restricted to Laravel. Forge can be used regardless of whether your site is built using Symfony, Statamic, or WordPress.

5. Vapor

Laravel Vapor is an AWS-powered serverless deployment system explicitly designed for Laravel. It lets you manage the entire infrastructure of your application using the robust platform it has developed to run your website or web application. It is straightforward to use and will grow as your web application grows.

6. Homestead

Laravel Homestead is the official vagrant box from Laravel. Vagrant boxes offer an easy method of managing virtual machines. Laravel Homestead provides you with the best development environment available that doesn’t require the installation of PHP, web servers, or any other program on your personal computer.

7. Horizon

Laravel Horizon gives you an attractive dashboard with an automated queue configuration. It lets you easily track vital metrics like time to run, task failures, and the throughput in your queue. Your queue configurations will be saved in one configuration file.

8. Nova

Are you looking to become a more efficient Laravel developer? If so, Nova is something you must certainly test. Nova is an elegantly-designed administration panel that is compatible with Laravel. It was designed with in mind the requirements of Laravel developers. Nova is simple, smooth, and adaptable to your preferences.

9. Mix

Laracasts founder Jeffery Way created Jeffery Way, the creator of the Laravel Mix package. It is incredibly smooth to build and optimize JavaScript and CSS files. This will, in turn, dramatically speed up the performance of a website or application. It’s an excellent alternative to asset compilation and Webpack, which can seem confusing and confusing to users.

10. Telescope

If you’re searching for an ideal companion for your local Laravel developing environment, look at Laravel Telescope. It gives you valuable insights into future requests from your application log entry, databases-related query schedule tasks, cache operation, and more.

6 combinations that are popular with Laravel

1. Laravel and VueJS

A combination of Laravel with VueJS is an excellent combination for web development. VueJS is a fantastic front-end Javascript framework that helps you create user interfaces and single-page applications. In addition, Laravel speeds up the development process by providing already-built libraries, which include the code for nearly every feature you could require for your website or web-based application.

2. Laravel and AngularJS

Like the previous combination, Laravel and AngularJS are a perfect match for creating a website or web app of any size. Numerous developers and businesses choose these two platforms over other options due to their advantages, for example:
  1. Rapid development can save time and money
  2. A responsive site that gives users the most enjoyable experience
  3. The high-speed website with powerful performance

3. Laravel and ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that allows you to create user interfaces using UI components. Also, ReactJS makes it absolutely easy to create interactive user interfaces. It is a complete solution to give your website a professional appearance. Its advantages include an impressive UI and custom-built components, quick rendering, improved code stability, and more. Its power is increased when Laravel is connected to it.

4. Laravel and Svelte

Svelte is one of the top customer-side JavaScript frameworks that allow you to create ultra-fast web applications with minimum burden and complexity. Therefore, this combination of Laravel with Svelte is exceptionally well-liked use. The two tools enable users to build websites and web applications of the latest standard.

5. Laravel and Inertia

Inertia.js is among the most effective ways to create single-page applications without having to create an API. It is a speedy way to create simple ReactJS, VueJS, and Svelte applications using traditional controllers and routing on the server. Therefore, if you’re working on a highly small-scale project that demands high-end performance, Laravel and Inertia.js is something to look into.

6. Laravel and Livewire

Utilizing ReactJS and VueJS can be difficult when creating a large-scale web application or website. Livewire is an excellent alternative since it’s a complete stack framework that works with Laravel, making it easier to build dynamic interfaces. Because one of its sponsors is Laravel and Laravel, you can get all the benefits of Laravel.

6 of the best Laravel security features to use with your application

1. Laravel Authentication System

The Laravel authenticator system can be a reliable method to thwart the hackers’ malicious efforts to destroy your website. It offers you an additional layer of security for authenticating users. Laravel utilizes two tags, “Provider” and “Guard,” to authenticate users. Guards verify users while the provider retrieves users in the database.

2. Reduce Laravel vulnerabilities by using CSRF

CSRF (also known as Cross-Site Request Forgery) ensures that any third company cannot use fake requests that would compromise the site’s security. Laravel creates an appropriate token for every request that is generated. Then it compares the ticket with the one stored in the user’s session. If both keys are matched, it will allow further actions, or the request will be denied.

3. Protection from XSS

XSS is a shorthand for Cross Site Scripting. This is when hackers access your website through the form fields. If someone fills in the fake form and submits it, the malicious code is executed to carry out the actions requested by the hacker on your site. Luckily, Laravel knows this and provides a straightforward solution for dealing with this.

4. SQL Injection

SQL is a technique for code injection which can cause the destruction of your entire database. How? It happens when you request information from the user, such as his name, and the user provides you with an SQL query that you can execute within your system. This is among the most commonly used methods of hacking today. Laravel recognizes this; therefore, Eloquent ORM uses PDO binding to shield your site against SQL injections.

5. Laravel Purifier for enhancing website security

A poorly written code can lead to loopholes that could be an opening for cybercriminals to get into your site. However, Laravel ensures that no HTML raw is available for the users. But, due to specific situations you may have to provide to the user, HTML Purifier cleans it and fills in the missing elements first.

6. Security packages for Laravel

Laravel provides a range of security options that can boost the security of your website and application. As cybercrime rises, Laravel continues evolving its security solutions to meet the challenges. Each of these security packages is designed to tackle specific situations and threats. Additionally, they are simple to use.

Top trends in Laravel web app development 2022

Laravel is a community of users that helps ensure its continuous improvement. It is constantly upgraded to be better than its previous version. Therefore, you’ll frequently find new Laravel trends emerging. Let me show you the most prominent Laravel trends of 2022.

1. PHP development outsourcing

First, I’m not discussing PHP, the language, but the personal home page. The demand to use PHP outsourcing is growing each day. This is why Laravel is working so that developers reduce the costs associated with it. Laravel is equally efficient in creating high-profile and small-scale websites.

2. Laravel Library

Laravel provides free libraries built into the framework to help you develop your site quickly. In reality, it’s the only application framework for web development that includes an open library. The most comprehensive library of Laravel is its authentication libraries. It also has a lot of other libraries which serve different functions.

3. PHP web development using IoT

IoT has been among the most exciting technologies in the past few years. It connects all electronic devices that surround us and allows them to communicate with each other to improve efficiency and coordination. Laravel framework, when combined with IoT, creates a web-based application and website more effective. It also enhances tracking and automation.

4. Laracasts

Are you looking to master Laravel, its various tools, and tips? Do you have queries regarding Laravel? If so, Laracasts is the right location to ask. It’s an online community that assists millions of Laravel users around the globe by providing easy-to-follow videos and documents. Developers visit here to have their problems solved or help others.

5. AI chatbots

AI chatbots are growing in number rapidly. Every business website we visit these days has a chatbot connected to it to keep customers entertained and gather their data. However, with AI integration, its capabilities can be multiplied. So, AI chatbots have been rapidly growing, and Laravel is equipped for this, too.

6. Cloud integration

Cloud storage is where organizations move their database and hosting due to the numerous lucrative features that make it a more reliable alternative to its traditional counterparts. Laravel framework supports cloud computing and offers packages and plugins to connect with your website and application. It also comes with APIs to facilitate the switch between different cloud services.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Do you know that search engines such as Google offer mixed results to mobile devices and PC? Due to the increased use of smartphones for internet access, Google wants to give users mobile-friendly results for their searches. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) improves the pages on your website, giving your site an advantage in rankings on mobile devices over other carriers.

8. Laravel for e-commerce

Since the beginning of the internet, the trend of purchasing items online has only grown. The most prominent example is the growth of Amazon. As a result, numerous E-commerce sites – large and small – have entered the marketplace online. With Laravel, you can create an online store with the latest technology.

9. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a new trend in the market. It is well-known as a decentralized technology that provides transparency and security. In reality, you might be aware that cryptocurrency also uses blockchain technology to protect Their entire system and get rid of any type of government. Laravel community uses this technology to allow websites to accept payments using cryptocurrency.

10. Rapid development and scaling

When a business expands in size, the demand for its websites increases. So, the tech website of any company must be adaptable. If it isn’t, they might have to shell out a lot of money to revamp the website using an entirely different language. However, that’s not the situation with Laravel. Laravel is highly flexible and allows for quicker development through its libraries.

Why should you use Laravel for web-based enterprise applications?

1. Laravel provides excellent testing support.

Testing is a crucial element of web-based development. It uncovers flaws in the software, which can result in an unsatisfactory user experience or even hacked software. Every mobile application you use nowadays is updated periodically for the same reason. Laravel gives you access to ample testing environments to test things like elements or features and integration.

2. Laravel lets you expand as you progress.

You’re building an application to let users will make use of it. With growth comes new responsibilities to manage the number of users simultaneously. Laravel is an excellent scaling platform, allowing you to grow from a simple application to a sophisticated one depending on your requirements. Laravel offers features such as queueing, caching, and cloud integration, as well as other features. to ensure that your application can sustain the high demand.

3. Laravel has a wide range of projects.

Laravel is a thriving community of developers eager to create projects using it. It is likely that the same project you’re trying to develop existed before. This means you can build your project quickly by simply changing existing ones to suit your specific requirements.

4. Laravel is entirely transparent.

Laravel perfectly aligns with the idea that “What you see is what you get.” In the opposite sense, Laravel is an open-source framework that does not hide anything from you as it relies on the contributions of other developers. This transparency is fantastic for web applications since you can access the entire collection of Laravel.

5. Laravel relies on the most efficient methods of development.

Laravel offers a variety of libraries and packages from which you can choose the features you’d like to implement in your web application. Many of these are used in conjunction with another PHP framework, Symfony. Laravel design practices enable you to create your app with minimal and simple code.

What’s next for Laravel development will be 2022 and beyond.

Laravel is a future-proof platform because of its large community that enhances the quality of its service with every update. It is loaded with modern functions that websites and web applications need. Therefore, the future of Laravel is bright both for its developers as well as its users.

As we’ve seen in Laravel trends, it’s changing to meet the world’s demands. Technologies like Blockchain, AI chatbots, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are already in use within the realm of Laravel. So, if you’re taking the next step using Laravel to develop your website, then you are in the right place.


Whoa! I’m sure this is an immense task, But I’d like to go over all aspects of Laravel, its advantages, and why it’s the best framework to build your web application and website. As you’ve guessed, Laravel has got your back from every angle. It doesn’t matter if you need scalability speed, security, or the most recent tech tools. Laravel is your best choice.

As for Laravel development, we’re the ideal company to work with. Why? Because we’ve been involved with the project since it was first introduced at the beginning of 2011 when it was first launched. So, we’ve observed every corner and crevice and are still dedicating our time to it. Contact us today to begin the process of creating your Laravel project.


1. What is the most recent Laravel version?

Laravel releases updates every six months or a year. The most current release of Laravel has been released as Laravel 9, which was released on February 8th, 2022. It was a significant upgrade in Laravel that was released within 1.5 years. The next update is scheduled to launch in February 2023.

2. What is it that makes Laravel superior to other brands?

Here are a few reasons why Laravel is superior to others. There are several reasons why Laravel is superior to others: –

  1. Laravel offers excellent security features.
  2. It’s more than just it is a framework. It’s a complete ecosystem that provides everything you need to create your own website or web app by utilizing its basic principles.
  3. It has a massive community of people who will be there to help you along throughout the process.
  4. Expect high performance when you build websites using Laravel.
  5. More than 1.5 million companies make use of Laravel to host their websites.

3. Do you think it is a good idea to build an MVP using Laravel?

Yes. Laravel is a fantastic platform to speed up the creation of an MVP. In addition, Laravel libraries possess well-written software that makes your MVP swift and safe.

If you’d like to learn about MVP and its evolution, I highly suggest checking out the MVP blog post series.

4. Which Laravel combination do I choose for my site?

I’ve provided you with some fantastic Laravel combinations in the blog post. If I had to pick just one over the rest, I’d choose Laravel and Vue.js.

5. Is Laravel secure?

Laravel can indeed be very safe. It’s prepared to tackle the problem of growing cybercrime. It has measures implemented to stop the most popular ways hackers can get into your system, which makes it among the safest frameworks in the market today.

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