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All You Need To Know About Smart Estate Management Systems


Technology is making life simpler in a variety of ways. It is currently used across various sectors, including the real estate market. It is the case with online auctions, online property listings, intelligent homes, innovative auctions, smart communities, and cities. Today, more people use electronic devices, such as mobile devices, tablet computers, laptops, and computers, for a broad assortment of products. We can shop online, study diverse topics and even plan our vacation through apps or websites that let us check the hotel’s amenities, features, and amenities, nearby attractions, and the other advantages of the accommodation.

The same technology can also solve the most common issues in gates in society, communities, and structures. Common problems in the gated estate are security, internal communications, raising issues or holding polls, making announcements, and so on. Technology like AI/ML, IoT, and AR/VR can be integrated into a mobile application to address these issues. This article will give more information on the development of intelligent estate systems.

What Is A Smart Estate Management System?

Innovative estate management is a system that brings digital change to buildings and societies to help residents manage their properties better. It is a method of optimizing all methods to manage commercial or residential properties. For instance, such an estate typically has an outer perimeter and may have gates where visitors and residents can enter the property.

Implementing an intelligent system will assist in automating various tasks and resolving security issues by ensuring only authorized persons can enter the property and to your door. This can be accomplished through an application on mobile devices where every homeowner can access the intelligent estate application development to allow entry. The same app could also be used to control the entry of visitors.

An intelligent estate system like it has a variety of applications. It can be utilized by the property owners and tenants to inquire about services or make a complaint and then follow up on the issue, and also for administrators to send out notices to all residents. It could also be an option for payment to allow residents to pay different kinds of charges related to the property.

How Is This Different From a Smart Home System?

Innovative estate systems are often confused with the concept of an intelligent home system and home automation. The primary features of the intelligent home system are the control of humidity and temperature as well as remote control of light and managing natural light through automated blinds. It is also employed for access control and to set a specific home-wide scenario that automatically adjusts the home lighting, ambient temperature, music, and so on, according to the setup.

But, a well-planned estate system is entirely different. It’s focused on managing the common aspects of society or the building. It’s an excellent method to improve access control communications, communication, tracking, monitoring, and other features that a gated community typically is equipped with.

Tips To Develop a Smart Estate System

The primary goal of creating a software solution for a community or building is to assist in solving many of the problems residents face and improve the degree of comfort and security. The system must be highly efficient and easy for users and offer the builders of real estate an edge in the market. Here are a few tips for developing an intelligent estate system:

  • Create a mobile application that provides services such as access and vehicle management, security, CCTV payments, and much more.
  • An app for mobile devices like this one should include multiple users, such as residents and managers, and the management should have control of an administration panel that has total control.
  • The admin panel is likely to have numerous modules used to collect, analyze, and enhance the system. Additionally, it can contain multiple users, such as supervisors, operators, and managers.
  • Innovative technology for estates and homes is an enormous market. However, it is a good idea to be cautious or don’t want to spend a significant amount. To begin with, you could start with a small amount. The system can later be expanded.
  • The MVP (minimal viable product) is the best option for students looking to start small. It is a smaller version of an app that has only a few features. It’s also easier to create, costs less, and can provide meaningful feedback on the success of a fully-fledged application can be.
  • It is crucial to study the estate thoroughly, learn about all the appliances and gadgets and also be aware of the limitations of each.
  • Be sure to consider any future modifications and requirements in designing your system, as doing this can save you lots of time and cash.
  • A few must-haves for apps like this include delivery, visitor, and domestic aid in managing.
  • The price of developing the app will differ dependent on the kind of app you’d like to design and its size. It will also depend on the features you want to include within the app.
  • It is recommended to review the current infrastructure and determine how the new system can be integrated into it to reduce expenses and build a massive system with many features and better control. This is the most efficient way to reduce costs by using existing infrastructure.

Top Features of A Smart Solution For Gated Communities

Technology advances have allowed us to automatize various processes and let people in a society or building rest comfortably. The last thing anyone wants is to worry about security, issues with fellow members, etc. This system can ease the burden on everyone. The main benefits of an intelligent estate system are the following:

  • Informative Dashboard: A helpful dashboard for residents that provides an instant overview of notices regarding access to visitors’ communications, meetings or polls, and more. Customize dashboards to suit the needs of residents and the management. The dashboard could also have an alert system that allows the residents to be notified by the security team of a breach.
  • Access control system The building or society is likely to have a range of users, in addition to the residents themselves, including general visitors, managers, and delivery staff, as well as maintenance technicians, domestic help, and many others. Residents can keep a record of visitors who have been approved for their access. It also permits users to add guests who are granted access.
  • Child security: A fully integrated child security feature allows parents to monitor their children’s activities in the structure or society. The system can synchronize and communicate with guards at the central gate and only permit them to leave when the parent has given sufficient permission. It is also possible to monitor the children when they are in the area by using CCTV.
  • Parking: Members can sign up their vehicles to the system to ensure only authorized vehicles can be allowed to enter the property. Vehicles of others, such as guests and service staff, can be approved by users of the app too. The security system automatically logs the vehicles that enter society with an automated system that can keep track of the activities.
  • Tickets for Complaint: Running an entire society, building, and residential area will surely bring up various problems that require solving. This app can help simplify this process by allowing customers to submit a ticket for any complaint and keep track of the progress of the complaint.
  • Events calendar: Members of the society can view the upcoming events for the whole year in a dedicated calendar of events.
  • Community polls and announcements Make polls and announcements to signify the system. This method ensures that every member is aware of the poll and is engaged in the voting.
  • Meetings: Schedule meetings with the manager, the resident, or the whole community.
  • Report generation: Create the report you want to create, for example, logs for vehicles, financials visitor logs, vehicle logs, etc.
  • Payment system The building’s or society’s management can collect charges or payment for general services or charges for services through an online payment system that is integrated into the application.
  • Internal Communication: Speed up internal communications by using the features available within the application.
  • Utility management. The intelligent estate system allows homeowners to control their utility bills, including gas, electricity, etc.
  • Schedule maintenance: All houses require regular maintenance; residents can request assistance from electricians, plumbers, or handypersons for repairs or other repairs. Utilizing the app.
  • Security cameras: CCTV surveillance is an everyday sight. However, it is possible to integrate it into this application that will impress members.
  • Data collection from smart sensors and their analysis Get valuable information from all security cameras and intelligent sensors located on the premises and store the data in a massive database. The data is analyzed by a per-set algorithm that can create a variety of reports that optimize the system’s efficiency and improve the quality of service provided to residents. The data generated can also help the administration to conduct preventive maintenance to ensure that the infrastructure remains functional.
  • A security that is smart Security is essential to any community. This app lets you integrate security into every aspect of society’s activities.
  • Other facilities can be managed: It was created to provide residents with greater access to these facilities, primarily dependent on the number of residents who live within the community and the facilities or amenities.

Benefits of Developing a Smart Solution

This is the age of the digital in which we have already implemented a variety of intelligent systems, such as security and CCTV, alarms, home automation, and more. An intelligent estate system can help complete the digital transformation of the real estate market by providing an online site or mobile app that will assist in managing the various tasks of the society or community that is gated.

This kind of app can help solve the issue at hand that is causing irritating interruptions. There are numerous advantages to creating an intelligent estate system:

  • This is the most effective way to increase security. Security systems already in place could be coupled with the app, allowing residents to view the CCTV cameras and make sure that only authorized people enter.
  • Help is just a few clicks away when you use this application, thanks to its capability to incorporate a specific support or helpdesk system that can solve any questions or problems.
  • It eliminates the waiting time by providing real-time access to all the systems for the whole community.
  • It’s a system that is always available and provides accessible communication.
  • The members of society will have all the data they need on their home community right at the top of their heads by using an app similar to this.
  • A program like this can be developed and set up; it doesn’t need significant investment and is also simple to use with a minimal learning curve.
  • An intelligent system such as this can be created for residential and commercial communities.
  • It can help reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • It plays a vital role in increasing relaxation for the members, reducing energy consumption, and improving the customer experience.
  • Intelligent building solutions are the future and will aid in maximizing the value of your real estate investment.
  • It is perfect for large real estate builders and management firms since one solution in the form of a web-based, or mobile application can be utilized by them to oversee various residential and commercial projects.
  • Builders can get vital information about consumer preferences and behavior to optimize and improve the quality of service they provide for future and current projects.
  • It also provides an additional source of revenue for real estate agents.
  • Residents can enjoy a fresh and distinctive lifestyle with increased security and comfort.

Important Statistics and Facts

  • Four million US households are expected to use intelligent home devices actively by 2022. That’s a 6.7 percent increase over 2021.
  • Smart-home devices used by households in 2018 ranged from 29.5 percent and are predicted to rise to 64.1 percent by 2025.
  • Forty-one billion USD was the market size for intelligent homes globally in 2021.
  • The global revenue generated by intelligent urban projects in 2021 reached 129.02 Billion dollars.
  • The global intelligent building automation market in 2021 was estimated at 223 billion dollars.

Technologies Used To Develop Such a System

Technologies are constantly evolving and are becoming more relevant in helping create more powerful, better, more sophisticated solutions that gated communities and societies can use. The most popular methods to build intelligent estate projects include IoT (Internet of Things), AI, Blockchain, Photovoltaics, Smart Grids, and AR/VR.

There are many platforms to create systems. However, developing it as a mobile application is sensible due to the massive usage of mobile phones. Web development that is innovative estate is also efficient to a certain degree. IoT is among the most advanced technologies, specifically for building applications for mobile phones, whether iOS or Android platforms.

Laravel development is a well-known PHP platform equipped to create websites and can also be a valuable option for people looking to develop mobile apps. The team of developers at Acquaint Softtech Private Limited are highly skilled and have experience in Laravel, iOS, and Android to aid in the creation of an online platform for your community or your building.

There is a rising trend toward using cloud technology and implementing intelligent buildings by 2022. This trend is because it is safe, practical, affordable, and permits better access management.


Innovative estate systems give a complete picture of the estate and all its activities and assist in analyzing it. Residents, as well as the managers or the Real Estate owners, get an overview of the property, which benefits both in various ways. The system that is put implemented can reduce a lot of time and effort and can also be more cost-effective.

There’s been a significant shift in the way people behave that is a clear shift to the use of electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, and laptops, for a variety of things like controlling shipping and homes with IoT and other technologies. In addition, more companies are beginning to realize the advantages of creating an individual intelligent estate management system for the communities they create.

Contact Acquaint Softtech’s specialists to discuss your requirements. The cost of developing such solutions can vary based on your project’s scope, the features to be added, the type of integration from a third party, the technology stack chosen, and the platform.


  1. What’s the first step in creating an intelligent estate plan for a building or society?

It is the first thing to look at the needs of your property and assess how suitable it is to create an app for it. It is also recommended to disclose all information to experts to estimate the work accurately.

  1. What is a Smart Estate Solution for a building or society?

An effective estate management solution involves using technology to make society more effective. This kind of solution also simplifies life for people who live there.

  1. What are the advantages of an intelligent building tool?

A sophisticated system like this will give a complete view to the residents and management. It can help solve the most common problems faced by society and gated communications, such as unauthorized visitors, security, and children leaving the premises without parental permission. The residents also benefit by giving them additional amenities like CCTV, assistance requests, and a means of communicating with fellow members and increasing compliance.

  1. What is the learning curve for an intelligent system for societies or communities?

This could be created via a website or mobile application. Mobile applications are better appropriate for this type of application because almost everyone has one. A mobile application that is well-designed and designed for an efficient estate management system should usually feature a user-friendly design and navigation that is easy to learn.

  1. What is the cost of creating an intelligent estate system for buildings or societies?

The cost of creating the application will differ and be contingent on various elements. The main elements are the technology used, the platform, and third-party integration options. Contact us to Acquaint Softtech with your needs. We will review your requirements and provide you with an exact estimate of the costs involved.

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