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Warehouse Inventory Management Solution


managing a warehouse is a challenging job, particularly for large companies. It is recommended to utilize a reputable system, particularly in the technological age, where the utilization of electronic equipment and technology is growing. Warehouse management systems are an application that helps manage and organize the warehouse more efficiently.

Various industries need an inventory system, such as manufacturing, agriculture logistics, etc. The main reason for an inventory warehouse is to ensure the storage of goods is secure and safe. This includes raw materials as well as the finished products. The company must know where every product or item is and what’s in stock, and if there’s some space. This is particularly important in large warehouses that are difficult to manage. This article gives more details on the best warehouse management software.

Significance Of Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

There’s something more other than simply putting shelves on the floor and relocating items as needed. The size of a warehouse will vary according to its kind of business. However, it’s only something that is managed effectively with a proper method in place. Here are a few of the reasons it’s essential to create an entirely custom-designed system to suit your needs:

  • It assists in streamlining the fulfilment process for orders and reduces the chance of delays by ensuring that everything is well-organized.
  • Implementing modern technology systems can improve the accuracy of your orders and help you fulfil them more efficiently by reducing human error and automatizing tasks.
  • When you consider the amount of space a warehouse can hold, performing everyday tasks such as recording, scanning and retrieving objects can be an undertaking. Implementing an intelligent system could significantly increase productivity by automatizing routine tasks and speeding up other processes.
  • This kind of system allows you to handle the work faster, which will allow you to finish more orders and improve efficiency and profit through the process.
  • It will allow one to grow their business and participate in more complex processes, such as the automation of order processes, distributing inventory between multiple centres, and enhancing the delivery process for last-mile deliveries.
  • Implementing this method is essential to save money.
  • This system is highly efficient, helps eliminate any obstacles, and ensures that the goods are delivered to customers promptly. The satisfaction of the customer is paramount as it is essential to the success of every business.
  • Human error is usually a steady increase. Many errors happen when transporting goods, manually completing data input, etc. Automating tasks eliminates this as well as reduces the cost of labour.
  • Theft, loss of merchandise, or lost items typically result in the loss of much; it is possible to eliminate this with an individual solution.

Here are some data points that support the idea:

  • More than 5 billion users are active on the Internet, equivalent to 62.5 per cent of the world’s population.
  • 92.1 per cent of users use mobile devices to connect to the Internet.
  • The total number of users on social media around the globe as of June 2022 was 4.7 Billion.
  • The storage and logistics business is worth $22 billion in the USA.
  • The size of an average storage facility in the year 2000 was 65,000 sq ft. The 2017 figure was 181,370 square feet.
  • A rise in sales on eCommerce is leading to the need for more extensive and more effective warehouses.

Process of a Warehouse Inventory Management System

The work of a warehouse is a series of intricate processes. There are two major processes: either outbound or inbound. Inbound involves receiving the items and processing the request. This also involves scanning the item through the goods, examining for quality, and determining a place to keep it. Like an outbound procedure, it involves locating the item within the store before picking it up. Each item outbound is subject to the procedure of locating the appropriate size packaging and size box. Also, it needs to be weighted. It is then scanned and processed before sending it.

The warehouse procedure may seem easy. However, there’s more than what is apparent. There are various kinds of warehouses, the most well-known being those that store items available for purchase. Processing the inbound goods will typically involve handling an entire truckload of goods or even several truckloads. The warehouse must deal with each item inbound, which involves the removal of it from its packaging, registration on the system, and then placing it in storage. The process must be completed as quickly as possible so that it is available to purchase.

Doing this task by hand is time-consuming, and attempting to make it easier could quickly lead to human error. Any single mistake in any phase of the procedure can affect every step of the supply chain and, consequently, is something companies can’t afford to do. This is the point where a warehouse management system can help. It can help simplify the process and boost efficiency.

This can be accomplished with ease by utilizing a warehouse inventory management system. This system will work in that all objects are opened and taken directly into inventory with the touch of an icon. This immediately updates the stock amounts of each item and is then available for sale. Also, it records the place the item is going to be kept.

This procedure can be more efficient with a system similar to the paper or filing system because there are numerous advantages to take into consideration at each step. Here are some of the things to be considered:

  • Find out if there’s space to keep the item.
  • Find the most suitable storage space according to the space. It will fit the requirements, size, and speed at which it can be found.
  • The task is to stock the product in a timely fashion.
  • Keep a log of timestamps for every step, including arriving, scanning, and stocking.
  • Every item is identified correctly before putting it away.
  • The inventory must be kept current in case an eCommerce shop is operating as well as the database of the store to make sure it’s available to purchase.
  • Additionally, it involves the verification procedure.
  • The system can also optimize the picking system to improve the process’s speed. This is helpful in the event of a large number of orders. It determines the order it will process first.
  • The system can be further optimized using an automated batch pickup instead of one pickup. This is applicable when there are several orders, and the pickup must be done at the same place within the warehouse.
  • This kind of system is also equipped with an extensive database of different kinds of boxes (various dimensions and thicknesses) and packaging materials. The method of selecting the correct packaging and box material is automated in such a system, saving substantial time. The information about the product will already include all relevant information, such as weight and other details.
  • The generation of reports is an essential component of this system too. Essential reports on selling, pricing, worker effectiveness, and top-selling products. These reports are created regularly or upon demand to assist businesses in optimizing their processes and making better choices.

How Acquaint Softtech Can Help

We are Acquaint Softtech Private Limited. We have an expert team of experts with years of experience with a broad range of technologies. The software we create is very scalable. Therefore, you can seek our advice regardless of what size your business, such as a medium-sized, small or large-sized business, or an emerging startup. We also design MVP when it is suited to your needs.

With Acquaint with us, you’ll employ a highly competent group of developers who will finish your project promptly. Our projects are designed with your company’s budget in mind and employ proven development methods. We also provide 24/7 assistance, and our solutions have been tested before release.

Contact us today and benefit from our highly driven team of developers and designers to design a customized solution for your company.

Main Features

A warehouse system such as this, designed to handle the inventory and cut down on the amount of time and effort on every process, will come with numerous new features. A reliable web development firm such as Acquaint Softtech can develop a customized system to meet your needs. Here are some typical features of such a system:

  • In real-time inventory tracking.
  • Automate the processes for ordering and picking.
  • Generating various reports, such as inventory reports, inventory reports and more.
  • Improve your inventory levels and manage inventory audits easily.
  • Make sure you practice the picking and packing process to minimize the possible delay.
  • Intelligent reporting that tracks and manages inventory at a real-time pace and improves the process based on inventory and trends.
  • Batch scanning and tagging bar codes that record essential information such as SKU and more.
  • For companies with warehouses spread across multiple sites, the software can accommodate different languages, currencies, and features for location.
  • Get alerts on inventory and follow the package for updates in real time.
  • Management of ownership and stocks
  • Optimized Shipping process through the generation of invoices, bills, packing lists, shipment notifications, etc.
  • Track and monitor labour performance and efficiently manage their work.
  • Dock management system that assists truck drivers in optimizing all outbound and inbound logistics.
  • Find items or products according to specific specifications.

The benefits of Inventory Solutions for Management

Every year and can help build more extensive and more efficient systems. Implementing this technology in customized solutions can increase your business’s efficiency and sales. Here are some advantages of implementing an inventory system for warehouses:

  • It could improve the efficiency of space by increasing the storage density and the ease of managing multiple sites.
  • Implementing a system like this is possible quickly and without the need to make radical modifications to the current warehouse system.
  • You can implement a system that handles several inventory tasks simultaneously to increase sales.
  • It allows for greater transparency of the current inventory levels and allows one to make more informed decision-making.
  • The process of tracking inventory items can be an overwhelming and highly time-consuming task. It is possible to simplify the process by implementing an interactive inventory system.
  • A system in place to make your warehouse management more efficient will increase the effectiveness of other aspects of your business. It can help optimize the efficiency of your supply chain. For those creating an entirely custom-designed method, you can integrate it with other systems, such as CRM or ERP, thereby improving efficiency and efficiency.
  • It’s very beneficial to your customers as it guarantees that your company can provide them with greater efficiency. This is crucial since the satisfaction of customers is what matters most. This also aids in improving the customer experience.
  • Technological advancements make it possible to design increasingly dynamic and flexible systems. This means that one can tweak and alter the system following their needs and needs in the future.

Important Factors to Consider

Acquaint Softtech can help with the design process of an inventory management system for warehouses. It will benefit a company in many ways, including the automation of systems, improving efficiency, and making more effective business decisions. There are a variety of aspects to consider when designing an application.

  • It is crucial to determine the degree of customization required for workflow automation and how to use other technologies most effectively.
  • Be aware of compatibility issues with databases, mainly if you use an application that manages different systems. A unified system could be a good idea.
  • There is a huge opportunity to grow the operation concerning warehouses. Be aware of this and create a scalable solution to ensure it’s appropriate for future applicants.
  • Review your company’s processes to determine the best software that would suit your company, such as an online portal or mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
  • It would be best if you spent an hour researching ways to reduce human interactions and improve the amount of automation.
  • The more effective the storage space, the more complex the solution is.
  • It is essential to consider the costs involved in developing an application. However, it is equally important to consider the advantages of using one.
  • There are a variety of advanced technology options that can be utilized to produce efficient and better solutions. It is crucial to consider the inclusion of these technologies in your plan. For instance, using cloud computing technology and keeping your data in the cloud can be significant. It will also allow you to manage the operation remotely, too. Deciding to use SaaS (software as a service) will also remove the need to pay for the expensive development costs of custom-built systems.
  • The UI/UX must be created considering the kind of users who will use the system.
  • Take into consideration the roles and responsibilities of users. This will vary according to the nature of the industry and the business, as not all businesses have the same process for managing their inventory.
  • Create a system with an easy learning curve that requires a minimum amount of training.
  • You might consider other technologies, such as RFID, Blockchain, etc.
  • Security is a crucial aspect you should consider when trying to safeguard yourself from cyber-attacks and internal hacks.

Ideal Platform For Warehouse Inventory Management System

A web-based solution and a mobile application are the two most well-known platforms for creating inventory management systems for warehouses. Standard technologies are Laravel, PHP, iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, IoT, and AI/ML VR/AR. And many more.

Laravel Development is a well-known PHP framework with a lot of potential for making large-scale apps. It integrates with other UI frameworks, ensuring you create an impressive interface. It is also compatible in conjunction with different technologies, which allows one to create applications that are feature-rich on mobile. Some of the latest technologies, such as AI/ML, and AR/VR, can use Laravel to build cutting-edge and practical solutions.

It streamlines the process of adding features such as inventory maintenance, profit and sales OTP confirmation, proof of payment for invoice purchasing invoicing, managing bill report generation, automating the stocking and retrieval procedure, and more.

At Acquaint Softtech, we have years of experience developing large-scale software made with Laravel, which covers warehouse control systems. We offer top-quality solutions after studying your needs and objectives. Our team is available on an hourly basis. We provide affordable development fees. We have the experience to design a custom Laravel solution for enterprise and enterprise.

We also assist with data transfer, eCommerce & CRM development, Laravel extension development, and many others. An inventory management system for warehouses is made easier through third-party integration and the development of Restful API. Contact us for help developing an efficient inventory system that is distinctive and gives you an advantage over your competition. Our team of experts also provides assistance and support on these projects.


Warehouses are essential for the efficient operation of a variety of industries. There are a variety of jobs that have to be completed daily. Some of them require time. Businesses can gain from creating an online and mobile platform to help with their projects. There are numerous options in the development of the platform.

It can be designed as a basic system that handles only the inventory, or it can be integrated into a system that handles other warehouses’ other areas, such as an ERP or CRM system and SCM (supply chain management). Consider developing a system for your business to streamline the everyday tasks in the warehouse. It will save you considerable time and money. It can also boost profit and increase the size of your company’s success. Acquaint Softtech has the ideal solution for implementing an inventory management system for your warehouse. Contact Acquaint Softtech for more details.

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